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slim /slɪm/ adjective (comparative slimmer, superlative slimmest)

نازک ، باریک اندام ، لاغر شدن وکردن
- slender, lean, narrow, slight, svelte, thin, trim
- slight, faint, poor, remote, slender
- lose weight, diet, reduce
Antonyms: chubby
Related Words: lissome, lithe, lithesome, svelte
English Thesaurus: thin, slim, slender, lean, skinny, ...

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I. slim1 S3 /slɪm/ adjective (comparative slimmer, superlative slimmest)
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Dutch; Origin: 'bad, of low quality']

1. someone who is slim is attractively thin Synonym : slender:
a slim young woman
a slim waist

2. very small in amount or number Synonym : slender:
There’s only a slim chance that anyone survived the crash.
The Republicans held a slim majority in the Senate.

3. not wide or thick Synonym : thin:
a slim volume of poetry

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II. slim2 verb (past tense and past participle slimmed, present participle slimming)
[intransitive] British English to make yourself thinner by eating less, taking a lot of exercise etc ⇒ diet
—slimmer noun [countable]
slim down phrasal verb

1. to reduce the size or number of something, or to become reduced in size or number
slim something ↔ down
The company is trying to slim down its workforce.
slim down to
The Cabinet has been slimmed down to 16 members.

2. to make your body thinner, or to become thinner, especially in order to be healthier or more attractive
slim something ↔ down
How can I slim down my hips?
slim down to
She slimmed down to a healthy 61 kilos.
—slimmed-down adjective

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VERBS be, feel, look | become, get (informal) dieters who have got slim using these methods
keep, remain, stay She works very hard to stay slim.
make sb Step exercises can help make you slim.
keep sb
ADV. very | quite
PHRASES tall and slim

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