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slipshod /ˈslɪpʃɒd $ -ʃɑːd/ adjective

پاشنه خوابیده ، لا ابالی ، لا قید ، شلخته
Synonyms: careless, casual, slapdash, sloppy (informal), slovenly, untidy
Contrasted words: fastidious, meticulous, neat, accurate, exact, precise, methodical, orderly, systematic, thorough
Related Words: neglected, negligent, haphazard, slaphappy, unmeticulous, botched-up, fouled-up, messed-up, screwed-up, faulty, imperfect, inaccurate, inexact

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slipshod /ˈslɪpʃɒd $ -ʃɑːd/ adjective
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: slipshod 'wearing loose shoes' (16-19 centuries)]
done too quickly and carelessly – used to show disapproval Synonym : slapdash:
a slipshod piece of work

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