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slough /slʌf/ verb
slough /slaʊ $ sluː, slaʊ/ noun

لجن زار ، باتلاق ، نهر ، انحطاط ، در لجن گیر افتادن ، پوست ریخته شده مار ، پوست مار ، پوسته خارجی ، سبوس ، پوست دله زخم ، پوسته پوسته شدگی ، پوست انداختن ، ضربه سنگین زدن
Synonyms: swamp, bog, fen, marsh, marshland, mire, morass, quagmire, sump, swampland, inlet, arm, bay, bayou, cove, creek, firth, gulf, harbor, lough
Synonyms: hull, case, husk, pod, shell, shuck, skin
Synonyms: shed, exuviate, molt, slip, discard, cashier, cast, jettison, junk, reject, scrap, throw away, throw out
Related Idioms: get shut (or shed) of

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I. slough1 /slʌf/ verb
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: slough 'dead skin of an animal' (14-21 centuries), of unknown origin]
slough something ↔ off phrasal verb

1. technical to get rid of a dead layer of skin

2. literary to get rid of something, especially something that is damaging you:
The president wanted to slough off the country’s bad image.

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II. slough2 /slaʊ $ sluː, slaʊ/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: sloh]

1. [singular] literary a bad situation or a state of sadness that you cannot get out of easily
slough of
Harry was in a slough of despondency for weeks.

2. [countable] an area of land covered in deep dirty water or mud

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