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smart /smɑːt $ smɑːrt/ adjective (comparative smarter, superlative smartest)
smart verb [intransitive]

زرنگ ، زیرک ، ناتو ، باهوش ، شیک ، جلوه گر ، تیر کشیدن (ازدرد) ، سوزش داشتن ، کامپیوتر: هوشمند
مهندسی صنایع: زیرک ، هوشمند الکترونیک: هوشمند ، کامپیوتر: زرنگ ، زیرک ، ناتو، باهوش ، شیک ، جلوه گر، تیر کشیدن( ازدرد)، سوزش داشتن کامپیوتر: هوشمند

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- neat, chic, elegant, natty (informal), snappy, spruce, stylish, trim
- clever, acute, astute, bright, canny, ingenious, intelligent, keen, quick, sharp, shrewd
- brisk, lively, quick, vigorous
- sting, burn, hurt
- sting, pain, soreness
Antonyms: stupid, dull, dumb, dowdy
Related Idioms: knowing the score, on the ball
Related Words: prick, tingle, hurt, pert, saucy, dapper, dinky, spruce
English Thesaurus: hurt, ache, throb, sting, smart, ...

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I. smart1 S2 W2 /smɑːt $ smɑːrt/ adjective (comparative smarter, superlative smartest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: smeart]

1. INTELLIGENT especially American English intelligent or sensible Synonym : clever Antonym : stupid:
The smart kids get good grades and go off to college.
I was smart enough to wait for a week.
His decision to become a director was a smart move (=sensible thing to do).

2. DISRESPECTFUL trying to seem clever in a disrespectful way:
Don’t get smart with me, young man.
He made some smart remark.

3. NEAT British English
a) a smart person is wearing neat attractive clothes and has a generally tidy appearance Synonym : sharp American English OPP scruffy:
You’re looking very smart.
b) smart clothes, buildings etc are clean, tidy, and attractive Synonym : sharp American English:
a smart black suit
smart new offices

4. FASHIONABLE British English fashionable or used by fashionable people:
one of Bonn’s smartest restaurants

5. TECHNOLOGY smart machines, weapons, materials etc are controlled by computers and are designed to react in a suitable way depending on the situation ⇒ smart bomb:
smart weapons

6. the smart money is on somebody/something used to say that a particular person or thing is likely to do something or be successful

7. QUICK British English a smart movement is done quickly, especially with force:
a smart blow on the head
She set off at a smart pace (=fairly fast).
—smartly adverb:
a smartly dressed young man
He turned smartly and walked away.
—smartness noun [uncountable]

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II. smart2 verb [intransitive]

1. to be upset because someone has hurt your feelings or offended you
smart from
She was still smarting from the insult.

2. if a part of your body smarts, it hurts with a stinging pain:
My eyes were smarting with the smoke.
smart off phrasal verb American English informal
to make funny rude remarks

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Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology (hard drive feature; warns of problems before total failure)

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