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smear /smɪə $ smɪr/ noun [countable]

اغشتن ، الودن ، لکه دار کردن
- spread over, bedaub, coat, cover, daub, rub on
- dirty, smudge, soil, stain, sully
- slander, besmirch, blacken, malign
- smudge, blot, blotch, daub, splotch, streak
- slander, calumny, defamation, libel
Related Idioms: use smear tactics (on or against), mop up the floor (or earth) with
Related Words: rub, coat, cover, overlay, overspread, spread, smirch, soil, foil, frustrate, repulse
English Thesaurus: mark, spot, stain, smudge, smear, ...

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I. smear1 /smɪə $ smɪr/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: smeoru 'fatty material']

1. a dirty mark made by a small amount of something spread across a surface
smear of
a smear of paint
It left a black smear on his arm.

2. British English a smear test

3. an untrue story about a politician or other important person that is told in order to make people lose respect for them – used especially in newspapers
—smeary adjective:
a smeary glass

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II. smear2 verb

1. SPREAD [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to spread a liquid or soft substance over a surface, especially in a careless or untidy way
smear something with something
His face was smeared with mud.
smear something on/over etc something
Elaine smeared suntan lotion on her shoulders.

2. TELL LIES [transitive] to tell an untrue story about someone important in order to make people lose respect for them – used especially in newspapers:
an attempt to smear the party leadership

3. DIRTY [transitive] to put dirty or oily marks on something:
smeared windows

4. INK/PAINT [intransitive and transitive] if writing, a picture, or paint smears or is smeared, the ink or paint is accidentally touched and spread across the surface Synonym : smudge:
Several words were smeared.

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I. mark
ADJ. greasy
VERB + SMEAR leave
PREP. ~ of His fingers left a smear of sweat on the wall.

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II. lies about an important person
VERB + SMEAR cast The article cast a smear on the Minister for Health.
SMEAR + NOUN campaign, tactic
PREP. ~ against/on campaign smears against the socialist candidate

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ADV. liberally She smeared the cream liberally on her face.
PREP. across, on, (all) over, with The child had smeared jam all over her face.
PHRASES heavily smeared with Their faces were heavily smeared with mud.

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