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smolder /ˈsməʊldə $ ˈsmoʊldər/ verb [intransitive]
smoulder , smolder /ˈsməʊldə $ ˈsmoʊldər/ verb [intransitive]

(smoulder) سوختن ودود کردن ، بی اتش سوختن ، خاموش کردن ، خفه کردن
Synonyms: seethe, boil, bubble, churn, ferment, moil, simmer, stir
Related Words: burst, erupt, explode, fulminate

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I. smolder /ˈsməʊldə $ ˈsmoʊldər/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: smolder 'smoke' (14-19 centuries)]
the American spelling of smoulder

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II. smoulder British English, smolder American English /ˈsməʊldə $ ˈsmoʊldər/ verb [intransitive]

1. if something such as wood smoulders, it burns slowly without a flame

2. literary if someone smoulders, or if their feelings smoulder, they have strong feelings that they do not fully express:
He sensed a smouldering hostility towards him.
smoulder with
She had spent the evening smouldering with resentment.

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