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soaked /səʊkt $ soʊkt/ adjective

soak: خیس خوردن ، رسوخ کردن ، بوسیله مایع اشباع شدن ، غوطه دادن ، در اب فرو بردن ، عمل خیساندن ، خیس خوری ، غوطه وری ، غسل ، خیساندن ، نمزار
Synonyms: wet, drenched, dripping, saturated, soaking, sodden, sopping, soppy, soused, wringing-wet
English Thesaurus: wet, damp, moist, clammy, soggy, ...

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soaked /səʊkt $ soʊkt/ adjective

1. very wet or wearing very wet clothes Synonym : drenched:
I was soaked and very cold.
It was raining so hard we were quickly soaked through (=completely wet).
He came in from the barn, soaked to the skin.
Her shoes got soaked as she walked through the wet grass.
blood-soaked/oil-soaked etc
his blood-soaked clothes

2. be soaked in/with something to be full of a particular quality Synonym : be steeped in something:
a city soaked in history

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VERBS be, look | get
ADV. absolutely, completely, thoroughly
PHRASES soaked to the skin There was a sudden shower and we got soaked to the skin.

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