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sober /ˈsəʊbə $ ˈsoʊbər/ adjective

عاقل ، میانه رو ، معتدل ، متین ، سنگین ، موقر ، ادم هشیار (دربرابرمست) ، هوشیار بودن ، بهوش اوردن ، از مستی دراوردن
- abstinent, abstemious, moderate, temperate
- serious, composed, cool, grave, level-headed, rational, reasonable, sedate, solemn, staid, steady
- plain, dark, drab, quiet, sombre, subdued
Antonyms: gay, unsober
Contrasted words: indulgent, overindulgent, uncontrolled, unrestrained, immoderate, intemperate, excessive, profligate, flippant, light, light-minded, unstable, volatile, irrational, unreasonable, emotional, hotheaded, impassioned, overemotional, passionate, uncontained, excited, drunk, intoxicated, abandoned
Related Words: controlled, restrained, self-possessed, decorous, proper, calm, placid, serene, tranquil, rational, reasonable, collected, composed, cool, imperturbable, constrained, disciplined, inhibited, reserved, self-controlled, self-disciplined, abstaining, forbearing, refraining, abnegating, eschewing, forgoing, sober-eyed, sober-minded

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I. sober1 /ˈsəʊbə $ ˈsoʊbər/ adjective
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: sobre, from Latin sobrius]

1. not drunk:
He’s a nice guy when he’s sober.

2. serious, and thinking or making you think carefully about things:
a sober hard-working young man
a sober reminder of the difficulties we face

3. plain and not at all brightly coloured:
a sober grey suit
—soberly adverb

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II. sober2 (also sober down) verb [intransitive and transitive]
to become more serious in behaviour or attitude, or to make someone become more serious:
His expression sobered instantly.
sober up phrasal verb
to gradually become less drunk, or to make someone become less drunk:
I had sobered up by now and felt terrible.
sober somebody ↔ up
Some coffee should sober you up.

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem | remain, stay She wanted a drink, but she had to stay sober.
keep sb Only the thought of her kept him sober.
ADV. completely, perfectly, quite, stone-cold | not entirely | almost, fairly, more or less, pretty well, reasonably, relatively By this time he felt more or less sober again.
enough At that point she was still sober enough to ask sensible questions.

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