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sofa /ˈsəʊfə $ ˈsoʊ-/ noun [countable]

نیمکت مبلی نرم وفنری
Synonyms: couch, chaise longue, divan, settee

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sofa /ˈsəʊfə $ ˈsoʊ-/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Arabic; Origin: suffah 'long seat']
a comfortable seat with raised arms and a back, that is wide enough for two or three people to sit on Synonym : couch, settee British English

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ADJ. battered | comfortable, plush | deep, low-slung She sank into the deep sofa.
chintz, leather, etc. | wide | three-seater, two-seater, etc. | convertible The convertible sofa means that the apartment can sleep four.
VERB + SOFA collapse on/onto, flop (back) on/onto, lower yourself onto, settle (yourself) (down) on, sink down on/onto, sink (back/down) onto, sit (down) on, slump (back) on/onto He slumped back on the sofa in tears.
be sprawled across/on, be stretched out on, lie on, lounge on, recline on, sprawl across/on, stretch out on I spent the evening sprawled on the sofa, watching TV.
get up from, jump up from, pull yourself up from, rise from He got up from the sofa to fetch some drinks.
PREP. on the ~ She was curled up on the sofa.
PHRASES the arm/back/edge of a sofa

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