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song /sɒŋ $ sɒːŋ/ noun

نغمه ، اواز ، سرودروحانی ، تصنیف ، ترانه ، شعر
کامپیوتر: آهنگ

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Synonyms: ballad, air, anthem, carol, chant, chorus, ditty, hymn, number, psalm, tune
Related Words: lyric, piece
English Thesaurus: song, track, number, tune, melody, ...

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song S1 W2 /sɒŋ $ sɒːŋ/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: sang]

a) [countable] a short piece of music with words that you sing:
We used to listen to pop songs on the radio.
They sat round with guitars, singing songs.
b) [uncountable] songs in general:
The bravery of past warriors was celebrated in song.

2. BIRDS [uncountable and countable] the musical sounds made by birds and some other animals such as whales:
the song of the lark

3. for a song very cheaply:
He bought the house for a song five years ago.

4. a song and dance (about something) informal
a) British English if you make a song and dance about something, you behave as if it was worse, more important, more difficult etc than it really is:
Suzy was there, making a song and dance about her aching feet.
b) American English an explanation or excuse that is too long and complicated:
She gave us a long song and dance about why she was late.swansong

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I. piece of music with words
ADJ. beautiful, good, great, lovely | catchy | mournful, sad | country, folk, pop/popular, traditional a Hungarian folk song
bawdy, children's, drinking, love, patriotic, protest, religious After a few drinks, they were all singing bawdy songs at the top of their voices. a protest song written in the sixties
theme, title the theme song from ‘The Godfather’ the title song from the Beatles' album ‘Help!’
VERB + SONG compose, write | do, perform, play, sing They performed another two songs as encores. Sing us a song, Susanna!
SONG + NOUN writer (also songwriter) a singer-songwriter
PREP. in (a/the) ~ Important historical events were commemorated in song.
~ about a song about love

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II. act of singing
VERB + SONG break into, burst into He strummed a couple of chords on the guitar and they all burst into song.
PREP. in ~ He heard voices raised in song.

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sing a song
He started singing a little song.
play a song (=with singing and musical instruments)
The band played a lot of their old songs.
perform a song (=in public)
He doesn’t like performing his songs live.
write/compose a song
Do they write their own songs?
record a song (=onto a CD so that it can be sold)
The song was first recorded in 1982.
That’s a great song!
Are any of the songs on the album new?
People always want to hear their old songs.
a pop/folk song
I love all those '60s pop songs.
a popular song (=used mainly of songs written before the 1960s)
a popular song from the 1930s
a love song
He is releasing an album of love songs for Valentine’s Day.
a protest song
They were singing old protest songs from the 1960s.
a Beatles/REM etc song
Can you play any Beatles songs?
burst/break into song (=start singing)
The crowd spontaneously burst into song.

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