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spiral /ˈspaɪərəl $ ˈspaɪr-/ noun [countable]
spiral verb (past tense and past participle spiralled, present participle spiralling, spiraled, spiraling) [intransitive]

پیچاپیچ ، فنر ، پاندول ، مارپیچی ، حلزونی ، بشکل مارپیچ دراوردن ، بطورمارپیچ حرکت کردن ، علوم مهندسی: فنر مارپیچ ، معماری: مارپیچ ، ورزش: چرخش توپ به دور محور طولی خود در یک پاس وضع بدن روی لبه اسکیت روی یک پا ، علوم نظامی: مارپیچ
- coil, corkscrew, helix, whorl
- coiled, helical, whorled, winding
English Thesaurus: turn, go around, revolve/rotate, spin, whirl, ...

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I. spiral1 /ˈspaɪərəl $ ˈspaɪr-/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: spiralis (adjective), from Latin spira 'coil']

1. a line in the form of a curve that winds around a central point, moving further away from the centre all the time

2. a process, usually a harmful one, in which something gradually but continuously gets worse or better
in/into a spiral
Unemployment rose and the city went into a spiral of decline.
downward/upward spiral
The company is in a downward spiral.

3. inflationary spiral a situation in which wages and prices rise continuously because the level of inflation is high
—spiral adjective

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II. spiral2 verb (past tense and past participle spiralled, present participle spiralling British English, spiraled, spiraling American English) [intransitive]

1. [always + adverb/preposition] to move in a continuous curve that gets nearer to or further from its central point as it goes round
spiral to/around etc
The damaged plane spiralled to the ground.

2. if a situation spirals, it gets worse, more violent etc in a way that cannot be controlled:
Crime has spiraled out of control.

3. if debt or the cost of something spirals, it increases quickly in a way that cannot be controlled Synonym : escalate
—spiralling British English
— spiraling American English adjective:
the spiralling cost of legal services

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ADJ. destructive, vicious | downward, upward | inflationary, wage-price
VERB + SPIRAL halt, stop
PREP. ~ of to halt the vicious downward spiral of drug abuse

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