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spirit /ˈspɪrət, ˈspɪrɪt/ noun

جوهر ، حمیت قسمتی ، حمیت ، غرور ، جان ، روان ، رمق ، روحیه ، جرات ، روح دادن ، بسرخلق اوردن ، علوم مهندسی: الکل ، قانون ـ فقه: روح ، مشروبات الکلی ، روانشناسی: روح ، علوم نظامی: روح
- life force, life, soul, vital spark
- feeling, atmosphere, gist, tenor, tone
- temperament, attitude, character, disposition, outlook, temper
- liveliness, animation, brio, energy, enthusiasm, fire, force, life, mettle, vigour, zest
- courage, backbone, gameness, grit, guts (informal), spunk (informal)
- essence, intention, meaning, purport, purpose, sense, substance
- ghost, apparition, phantom, spectre
- spirits: mood, feelings, frame of mind, morale
- with away
off: remove, abduct, abstract, carry, purloin, seize, steal, whisk
Related Words: ardor, briskness, enthusiasm, liveliness, drive, get-up-and-go, ginger, go, pep, snap, starch, vigor, vitality, zip, character, force, substance, fervor, passion, zeal, energy, might, power, strength
English Thesaurus: ghost, spirit, apparition, poltergeist, spook, ...

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a US spacecraft that landed on Mars in 2004. It moved around the surface of Mars to find signs of water, take samples of soil, and take photographs.

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I. spirit1 S2 W2 /ˈspɪrət, ˈspɪrɪt/ noun
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: Latin spiritus 'breath, spirit']

1. CHARACTER [singular, uncountable] the qualities that make someone live the way they do, and make them different from other people
in spirit
I’m 85, but I still feel young in spirit.
independent/proud/free etc spirit (=a person with a particular type of character)
She is a strong and independent spirit.kindred spirit at kindred2(1)

2. HAPPY/SAD spirits [plural] the way someone feels at a particular time, for example if they are happy or sad ⇒ mood
be in good/high spirits (=be excited and happy)
Cooper was still in high spirits after winning the race.
His spirits were so low (=he was so sad) that he refused to answer his phone.
raise/lift sb’s spirits (=make someone happier)
The warm morning sun lifted our spirits.
She wrote poetry while she was in the hospital to keep her spirits up (=keep happy).
sb’s spirits rise/lift/sink (=they become more or less happy)
My spirits sank when I saw the mess they’d left.

3. SOUL [countable] the part of someone that you cannot see, that consists of the qualities that make up their character, which many people believe continues to live after the person has died ⇒ soul:
Although Laurie is dead, I can feel his spirit with me.

4. NO BODY [countable] a creature without a physical body that some people believe exists, such as an angel or a dead person, who has returned to this world and has strange or magical powers ⇒ ghost:
an evil spirit

5. DETERMINATION [uncountable] courage, energy, and determination – used to show approval:
Sandra is small, but she makes up for it with great spirit.
a young team with strong fighting spirit
When they took away his freedom, they broke his spirit (=made him lose his courage).

6. ATTITUDE [singular, uncountable] the attitude that you have towards something or while you are doing something:
You’ve got to approach this meeting in the right spirit.
spirit of
the spirit of cooperation between the two sides

7. team/community/public etc spirit a strong feeling of belonging to a particular group and wanting to help them

8. TYPICAL QUALITIES [countable usually singular] the set of ideas, beliefs, feelings etc that are typical of a particular period in history, a place, or a group of people
spirit of
Tourism has not destroyed the spirit of Bali.
the spirit of the age/times
His beliefs conflicted with the spirit of the age.

9. in spirit if you say you will be somewhere in spirit or with someone in spirit, you will not be with them but will be thinking about them:
I can’t come to your wedding, but I’ll be there in spirit.

10. get/enter into the spirit (of something) to start to feel as happy, excited etc as the people around you:
Judith couldn’t really enter into the spirit of the occasion.

11. INTENTION [uncountable] the meaning or qualities that someone intended something to have, especially the meaning that a law or rule was intended to have:
Thoreau believed that his actions were in the spirit of American institutions.
Miller’s actions may not be actually illegal, but they have violated the spirit of the law.the letter of the law at letter1(4)

12. the Spirit the Holy Spirit

13. DRINK [countable usually plural]
a) especially British English a strong alcoholic drink such as whisky or brandy
b) British English liquid such as alcohol, used for cleaning

14. that’s the spirit spoken used to express approval of someone’s behaviour or attitude

15. when/as the spirit moves you when you feel that you want to do something

16. the spirit is willing (but the flesh is weak) used when saying that you want to do something, but you are too tired or do not feel strong enough – often used humorously

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II. spirit2 verb
spirit somebody/something away/off phrasal verb written
to take someone or something away quickly and secretly:
After his speech, Jackson was spirited away through a back door.

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I. mind or feelings
ADJ. human
PREP. in ~ I will be with you in spirit.

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II. spirits: morale
ADJ. flagging
VERB + SPIRIT keep up, lift, raise We sang songs to keep our spirits up.
revive | break, dampen A string of defeats has failed to dampen the team's spirits.
SPIRIT + VERB lift, rise
PHRASES in good/high/low/poor, etc. spirits She isn't in the best of spirits today.

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III. person
ADJ. guiding, leading, moving She was a guiding spirit in primary education.
generous | grudging, mean | brave, proud | free, independent | kindred He found kindred spirits in the peace movement.

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IV. courage/liveliness
ADJ. great, tremendous | adventurous, competitive, fighting, indomitable, pioneer/pioneering
VERB + SPIRIT be full of, have She has plenty of fighting spirit.
display, show | break
PREP. with ~ He sang with great spirit.
PHRASES broken in spirit They tortured him until he was broken in spirit.

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V. feelings of loyalty
ADJ. community, party, public, team
VERB + SPIRIT have | develop, foster, promote

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VI. attitude/mood
ADJ. right He's got the right spirit!
essential, genuine, true | carefree | democratic, revolutionary | entrepreneurial | festive, Christmas
VERB + SPIRIT have | enter into
PREP. in a ~ of Both sides have come together in a spirit of goodwill.
~ of a spirit of adventure
PHRASES in the right/wrong spirit, the spirit of the age/times

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VII. real/intended meaning of a rule, an agreement, etc.
VERB + SPIRIT obey | be/go against, be contrary to
PHRASES the spirit of the law The referee should try to obey the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

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VIII. soul/ghost
ADJ. ancestral | evil, malevolent | restless Owls were believed to be restless spirits who had returned to earth.
VERB + SPIRIT conjure up, contact, invoke, summon (up) | exorcise, ward off She slept with a cross under the pillow to ward off evil spirits.
be possessed by
SPIRIT + VERB live on Many people believe the spirit lives on after death.
PHRASES the spirits of the dead

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IX. (usually spirits) strong alcoholic drink
QUANT. measure a single measure of spirits
PHRASES a bottle of spirits

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high/good (=used when saying that someone is happy and excited)
The players were all in high spirits.
low/flagging (=used when saying that someone is sad)
She was tired and her spirits were low.
lift/raise/revive sb’s spirits (=make them feel happier)
A brisk walk helped to lift my spirits.
keep sb’s spirits up (=keep them feeling happy)
He wrote home often, trying to keep his family’s spirits up.
dampen sb’s spirits (=make them feel less happy)
They refused to let the rain dampen their spirits.
sb’s spirits rise/lift/soar (=they start feeling happier)
Her spirits rose as they left the ugliness of London behind.
sb’s spirits sink (=they start feeling less happy)
His spirits sank at the prospect.

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