spoon feed
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Irregular Forms: (spoon-fed)

باقاشق غذا دادن
ˈspoon-feed verb (past tense and past participle spoon-fed) [transitive]

1. to give too much information and help to someone – used to show disapproval:
I don’t believe in spoon-feeding students.

2. to feed someone, especially a baby, with a spoon

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1. to help or care for someone too much when you are trying to teach him or her something
We had to spoon-feed the new employee when we were teaching him about the new computer system.

2. to make something very easy for someone
He is a very strict teacher and never likes to spoon-feed his students.

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spoon feed
1. To feed with a spoon.
Mothers spoon-feed their babies.
2a. To make something too easy for (a person).
Bill's mother spoon-fed him and never let him think for himself.
Alice depended on her mother for all decisions because she had been spoon-fed.
2b. To make (something) too easy for someone.
Some students want the teacher to spoon-feed the lessons.

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