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spotlight /ˈspɒtlaɪt $ ˈspɑːt-/ noun

Irregular Forms: (spotlit)

شخصی که در زیر نورافکن صحنه نمایش قرارگرفته ، چراغ نورافکن
- attention, fame, limelight, public eye
- highlight, accentuate, draw attention to

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I. spotlight1 /ˈspɒtlaɪt $ ˈspɑːt-/ noun

1. [countable] a light with a very bright beam which can be directed at someone or something. Spotlights are often used to light a stage when actors or singers are performing:
The yard was lit by three huge spotlights.
under the spotlights
I was sweating under the spotlights.
in/into the spotlight
She stepped into the spotlight and began to sing.

2. the spotlight a lot of attention in newspapers, on television etc
in/under the spotlight
Education is once again under the spotlight.
put/turn the spotlight on something
A new report has turned the spotlight on the problem of poverty in the inner cities.

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II. spotlight2 verb (past tense and past participle spotlighted or spotlit) [transitive]

1. to direct attention to someone or something Synonym : highlight:
The article spotlights the problems of the homeless.

2. to shine a strong beam of light on something:
She walked out onto the spotlit stage.

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I. lamp
VERB + SPOTLIGHT shine on They shone the spotlight on a woman waving at the back of the audience.
step into He stepped into the spotlight to the wild applause of the crowd.
SPOTLIGHT + VERB be on sb/sth, fall on sb/sth, shine on sb/sth
PREP. in/under the ~ It was hot under the spotlights.

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II. public attention/interest
ADJ. national, public | media
VERB + SPOTLIGHT come into/under This issue will come under the spotlight at tomorrow's meeting.
bring sth into, put, throw, turn These revelations threw a spotlight on the shakiness of the economy.
share The captain had to share the spotlight with the new young star.
SPOTLIGHT + VERB be on sb/sth, fall on sb/sth, turn on sb/sth
PREP. in/under the ~ The quality of food in the shops is back in the spotlight.
out of the ~ The affair is now out of the spotlight.

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See: steal the spotlight

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