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sprawl /sprɔːl $ sprɒːl/ (also sprawl out) verb [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]

پهن نشستن ، گشاد نشستن ، هرزه روییدن ، بی پروا دراز کشیدن یا نشستن ، بطور غیرمنظم پخش شدن ، پراکندگی
Synonyms: loll, flop, lounge, slouch, slump
Related Words: loll, lounge, slouch, slump, extend, stretch, spread

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I. sprawl1 /sprɔːl $ sprɒːl/ (also sprawl out) verb [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]
[Language: Old English; Origin: spreawlian]

1. to lie or sit with your arms or legs stretched out in a lazy or careless way:
He sprawled out on the sofa.
I tripped on a stone and went sprawling on the pavement.
a blow which sent him sprawling

2. if buildings sprawl, they spread out over a wide area in an untidy and unattractive way:
The town seemed to sprawl for miles.

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II. sprawl2 noun [singular, uncountable]
a large area of buildings that are spread out in an untidy and unattractive way:
We drove through miles of urban sprawl before we finally got out into the countryside.

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ADV. untidily | out He was sprawled out on the sofa.
PREP. across, in, on, over She sprawled untidily in an armchair.
PHRASES lie/sit sprawled She lay sprawled across the bed.
send sb sprawling The blow sent him sprawling.

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