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spurt /spɜːt $ spɜːrt/ verb

جهش ناگهانی ، کوشش ناگهانی وکوتاه ، جنبش تند وناگهانی ، خروج ناگهانی ، جوانه زدن ، فوران کردن ، جهش کرد ن ، روانشناسی: افزایش ناگهانی ، ورزش: پرتاب ناگهانی
- gush, burst, erupt, shoot, squirt, surge
- burst, fit, rush, spate, surge
English Thesaurus: flow, run, come out, pour, gush, ...

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I. spurt1 /spɜːt $ spɜːrt/ verb

a) [intransitive] if liquid or flames spurt from something, they come out of it quickly and suddenly
spurt from/out of
Blood spurted from his nose.
Flames spurted through the roof.
b) [transitive] to send out liquid or flames quickly or suddenly:
It boiled over, spurting hot water everywhere.

2. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to suddenly start moving more quickly, especially for a short time:
He suddenly spurted ahead of the others.

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II. spurt2 noun [countable]

1. when an amount of liquid or flame suddenly comes quickly out of something
spurt of
a sudden spurt of flame
in spurts
The water came out of the tap in short spurts (=a small amount at a time).

2. a short sudden increase of activity, effort, speed, or emotion
spurt of
In a sudden spurt of anger, Ellen slammed the door shut.
growth spurt (=when a child suddenly grows quickly)
in spurts
We weren’t consistent – we played in spurts.

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ADJ. sudden | great A great spurt of blood came out of the wound.
brief, little | final | growth
VERB + SPURT put on She put on a spurt to get to the station in time.
feel He felt a spurt of resentment against his brother.
PREP. with a ~ With one final spurt, he reached the top of the hill.
~ in a spurt in capital spending
~ of

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