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squeeze /skwiːz/ verb

سد کردن مدافع حریف با دو نفر (فوتبال امریکایی) ، فشردن ، له کردن ، چلاندن ، فشار دادن ، اب میوه گرفتن ، بزورجا دادن ، زور اوردن ، فشار ، فشرده ، چپاندن ، ورزش: سد کردن مدافع حریف با دو نفر
- press, clutch, compress, crush, grip, pinch, squash, wring
- cram, crowd, force, jam, pack, press, ram, stuff
- hug, clasp, cuddle, embrace, enfold
- extort, milk, pressurize, wrest
- hug, clasp, embrace
- crush, congestion, crowd, jam, press, squash
Related Words: contract, scruze
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I. squeeze1 S3 /skwiːz/ verb
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: quease 'to press, squeeze' (15-17 centuries), from Old English cwysan]

1. PRESS [transitive] to press something firmly together with your fingers or hand:
She smiled as he squeezed her hand.
He squeezed the trigger, but nothing happened.

2. PRESS OUT LIQUID [transitive] to get liquid from something by pressing it:
Squeeze the oranges.
squeeze something out
Try to squeeze a bit more out.
squeeze something on/onto something
Squeeze a bit of lemon juice onto the fish.

3. SMALL SPACE [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition] to try to make something fit into a space that is too small, or to try to get into such a space Synonym : squash
squeeze into
Five of us squeezed into the back seat.
squeeze through/past
He had squeezed through a gap in the fence.
squeeze somebody/something in
We could probably squeeze in a few more people.

4. squeeze your eyes shut to close your eyes very tightly

5. JUST SUCCEED [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to succeed, win, or pass a test by a very small amount so that you only just avoid failure:
Greece just squeezed through into the next round.

6. LIMIT MONEY [transitive] to strictly limit the amount of money that is available to a company or organization:
The government is squeezing the railways’ investment budget.
squeeze somebody/something ↔ in (also squeeze something into something) phrasal verb
to manage to meet someone or do something although you are very busy:
How do you manage to squeeze so much into one day?
I can squeeze you in at four o'clock.
squeeze something ↔ out phrasal verb

1. to do something so that someone or something is no longer included or able to continue:
If budgets are cut, vital research may be squeezed out.

2. to squeeze something wet in order to remove the liquid from it:
Squeeze the cloth out first.

3. squeeze something out of somebody to force someone to tell you something:
See if you can squeeze more information out of them.
squeeze up phrasal verb British English
to move close to the person next to you to make space for someone else

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II. squeeze2 noun [countable]

1. a (tight) squeeze a situation in which there is only just enough room for things or people to fit somewhere:
It’ll be a squeeze with six people in the car.

an act of pressing something firmly with your fingers or hand:
Marty gave her hand a little squeeze.

3. squeeze of lemon/lime etc a small amount of juice obtained by squeezing a piece of fruit

4. a situation in which wages, prices, borrowing money etc are strictly controlled or reduced
squeeze on
cuts due to the squeeze on public sector spending
a credit squeeze
All manufacturers are feeling the squeeze (=noticing the effects of a difficult financial situation).

5. put the squeeze on somebody informal to try to persuade someone to do something

6. sb’s (main) squeeze especially American English informal someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend

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I. pressing with fingers
ADJ. affectionate | comforting, reassuring
VERB + SQUEEZE give sb He gave his mother a comforting squeeze as he left.
PHRASES ~ of A squeeze of her hand reassured him.

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II. in a small space
ADJ. tight There were seven of us in the car and it was a tight squeeze.
PREP. at a ~ We can get six in the car at a squeeze.
PHRASES a bit of a squeeze

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III. reduction in money
ADJ. cash, credit, economic, financial, profits, tax
VERB + SQUEEZE feel All manufacturers are feeling the squeeze.
put The government is trying to put the squeeze on high earners.
PREP. ~ on a squeeze on spending

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I. press sth hard
ADV. hard, tightly | gently ‘I know,’ she said, squeezing his hand gently.
PREP. from squeezing the juice from a lemon
out of I squeezed the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube.
PHRASES freshly squeezed freshly squeezed orange juice

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II. limit the money available
ADV. hard, severely High interest rates have squeezed the industry hard.

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BAD: The train was so full that I was frightened of getting squeezed.
GOOD: The train was so full that I was frightened of getting squashed.

Usage Note:
squeeze = (1) press something firmly, especially by closing your hand round it: 'She squeezed my arm and told me not to worry.'
(2) get liquid, cream, paste etc from something by pressing it firmly: 'Squeeze the lemons and then pour the juice into a jug.'
(3) force someone or something into a small space: 'Somehow we managed to squeeze everyone into the car.'
squash (or crush ) = press something, usually with great force, so that it becomes flat or broken: 'Mind you don't squash the tomatoes.'

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