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squelch /skweltʃ/ verb

صدای چلپ چلوپ پوتین در زمین گل الود ، خردکردن ، له کردن ، سرکوبی
Synonyms: squash, squidge, squish
Synonyms: suppress, muffle, quelch, repress, shush, strangle

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squelch /skweltʃ/ verb
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: From the sound]

1. [intransitive] to make a sucking sound by walking or moving in something soft and wet:
My hair was dripping and my shoes squelched as I walked.
squelch through/along/up
We squelched across the field.

2. [transitive] American English to stop something from continuing to develop or spread Synonym : squash:
Her creativity had been squelched.
—squelch noun [countable]

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