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stance /stɑːns $ stæns/ noun [countable usually singular]

وضع ، حالت ، ساختمان ، طرز ایستادن ، ایستایش ، ورزش: طرز ایستادن در گوی زنی ، طرز ایستادن شمشیرباز مقابل حریف
- attitude, position, stand, standpoint, viewpoint
- posture, bearing, carriage, deportment

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stance /stɑːns $ stæns/ noun [countable usually singular]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Old French; Origin: estance, from Vulgar Latin stantia, from Latin stare 'to stand']

1. an opinion that is stated publicly Synonym : stand
stance on
What is your stance on environmental issues?
stance against
a strong stance against abortion
take/adopt a stance
The President has adopted a tough stance on terrorism.

2. a position in which you stand, especially when playing a sport:
a fighting stance

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I. position in which sb stands
ADJ. correct, good | natural | rigid | relaxed | upright | defensive, fighting
VERB + STANCE adopt, take up The boxer took up a fighting stance.
change | keep, maintain
PREP. in a ~ He lounged in an armchair in a stance of deliberate contempt.

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II. attitude
ADJ. positive | critical, negative | impartial, neutral | aggressive, hardline, rigid, tough, uncompromising | cautious | conservative | radical | ideological, moral, political | public Her public stance was much tougher than her private feelings on the subject.
VERB + STANCE adopt, take (up) | alter, change | maintain The wife of the accused has maintained an impartial stance throughout the trial.
PREP. ~ against The president has adopted a hardline stance against abortion.
~ on/towards He has changed his stance on monetary union.

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