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standstill /ˈstændˌstɪl/ noun [singular]

ایست ، وقفه ، تعطیل ، بدون حرکت ، ثابت ، ورزش: در کنار یکدیگر رکاب زدن و در انتظار اشتباه حریف بودن برای گریز
Synonyms: stay, stillstand, stop
Antonyms: start-up
Contrasted words: start, movement
Related Words: arrest, check, pause, cessation, halt

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standstill /ˈstændˌstɪl/ noun [singular]
a situation in which there is no movement or activity at all
come to a standstill/bring something to a standstill
Strikers brought production to a standstill.
at a standstill
Traffic was at a standstill.

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ADJ. complete, total | virtual
VERB + STANDSTILL come to, grind to The train came to a complete standstill.
bring sth to The roadworks brought the traffic to a standstill.
PREP. at a ~ The factory has been at a standstill for days.

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Standstill refers to a commitment of GATT contracting parties not to impose new trade-restrictive measures during the Uruguay Round negotiations. See: Rollback

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