string along
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موافق بودن ، وفق داشتن ، معوق گذاردن
string along
Synonyms: trifle, coquet, dally, flirt, fool, lead on, toy, wanton
Related Idioms: keep (someone) dangling

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string along phrasal verb informal (see also string)

1. string somebody along to deceive someone for a long time by making them believe that you will help them, that you love them etc:
He’s just stringing you along.

2. British English to go somewhere with someone for a short time, especially because you do not have anything else to do
string along with
If you’re going into town, I’ll string along with you.

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string along
to deceive or fool someone
The man tried to string me along with the story about his sick mother.

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string along
v., informal
1. To deceive; fool; lead on dishonestly.
Mary was stringing John along for years but she didn't mean to marry him.
George told the new boy that he must always call the teacher "Sir," but the new boy soon saw that George was stringing him along.
Compare: ON A STRING.
2. To follow someone's leadership; join his group.
Those of you who want to learn about wild flowers, string along with Jake.

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