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strip /strɪp/ verb (past tense and past participle stripped, present participle stripping)
strip noun [countable]

کشیدن یا انداختن توپ از دست حریف ، (فوتبال امریکایی) ، سطح پیست شمشیربازی ، بند ، پاک کردن ، تخلیه مواد خطرناک یا قابل انفجار ، نوار سردوشی ، نوار مین گذاری ، باند فرود موقتی ، قطعه باریک ، برهنه کردن ، محروم کردن از ، لخت کردن ، چاک دادن ، تهی کردن ، باریکه ، نوار ، عمران: کندن ، معماری: باریکه ، ورزش: نخ را با دست از قرقره ماهیگیری کشیدن ، علوم نظامی: باند فرود
مهندسی صنایع: نوار ، پهنه

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- undress, disrobe, unclothe
- plunder, despoil, divest, empty, loot, pillage, ransack, rob, sack
piece, band, belt, shred
Antonyms: invest
Contrasted words: clothe, dress, robe, cover, endow, furnish, grant, vest, install
Related Idioms: strip to the buff
Related Words: doff, peel, take off, bare, denudate, expose, uncover, disfrock, unfrock, bereave, deplenish, disfurnish, displenish, dispossess, despoil, rob, piece, section, segment, shred
English Thesaurus: piece, bit, lump, scrap, strip, ...

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I. strip1 /strɪp/ verb (past tense and past participle stripped, present participle stripping)
[Language: Old English; Origin: -strypan]

a) [intransitive and transitive] (also strip off) to take off your clothes or take off someone else’s clothes ⇒ undress:
Jack stripped and jumped into the shower.
The prisoner was stripped and beaten.
strip off something
He stripped off his sweater and threw it onto the couch.
Eric stood in the hot sun, stripped to the waist (=not wearing any clothes on the top half of his body).
Terry stripped down to her bra and pants (=removed all her clothes except her bra and pants) and tried on the dress.
The boys stripped naked and jumped in the pond.
b) [intransitive] to take off your clothes in a sexually exciting way as entertainment for someone else

2. REMOVE [transitive] to remove something that is covering the surface of something else:
Strip the beds and wash the sheets.
strip something off/from something
We need to strip the wallpaper off the walls first.
strip something of something
tall windows stripped of curtains

3. ENGINES/EQUIPMENT [transitive] (also strip down) to separate an engine or piece of equipment into pieces in order to clean or repair it Synonym : dismantle

4. BUILDING/SHIP ETC [transitive] to remove everything that is inside a building, all the equipment from a car etc so that it is completely empty:
The apartment had been stripped bare.

5. DAMAGE [transitive] to damage or break the gears of something or the thread (=raised line) on a screw so that it does not work correctly any more
asset stripping
strip something ↔ away phrasal verb
to remove something, especially something that hides or protects someone or something:
His book aims to strip away the lies and show the world as it really is.
strip somebody of something phrasal verb
to take away something important from someone as a punishment, for example their title, property, or power:
Captain Evans was found guilty and stripped of his rank.

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II. strip2 W3 noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Perhaps from Middle Low German strippe 'strap']

1. a long narrow piece of paper, cloth etc:
a strip of paper

2. a long narrow area of land:
A strip of sand between the cliffs and the sea.

3. do a strip to take your clothes off, especially in a sexually exciting way as a form of entertainment

4. American English a road with a lot of shops, restaurants etc along it:
the Las Vegas strip

5. [usually singular] British English the clothes worn by a sports team:
Liverpool’s famous red strip

6. a strip cartoon
comic strip, landing strip, ⇒ tear somebody off a strip at tear2(8)

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ADJ. narrow, thin, tiny | thick, wide Cut the meat into thick strips.
coastal | landing This aircraft requires a good-sized landing strip.
PREP. in ~s The wallpaper can then be torn off in strips.
~ of a narrow strip of leather
PHRASES cut/tear sth into strips

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I. take off your/sb's clothes
PREP. down to Office workers stripped down to their shirtsleeves in the heatwave.
off He stripped off his shirt. We stripped off and went for a swim.
PHRASES strip (sb) naked She was stripped naked and left in a cell.
strip to the waist He stripped to the waist and began to dig.

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II. take sth away
ADV. completely | away, off, out Strip out any damaged wiring.
PREP. from The bark is stripped from the trees by hand.
of The president had been completely stripped of power.
off We stripped the paint off the walls.
PHRASES strip sth bare The room had been stripped bare by the thieves.

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See: drag strip

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