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strive /straɪv/ verb (past tense strove /strəʊv $ stroʊv/, past participle striven /ˈstrɪvən/) [intransitive]

Irregular Forms: (striven)(strove)

کوشیدن ، کوشش کردن ، جد وجهد کردن نزاع کردن
Synonyms: try, attempt, bend over backwards (informal), break one's neck (informal), do one's best, give it one's best shot (informal), go all out (informal), knock oneself out (informal), labour, make an all-out effort (informal), struggle, toil
Related Words: labor, toil, travail, work, drive, strain
English Thesaurus: try, attempt, do your best, make an effort to do something, struggle, ...

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strive /straɪv/ verb (past tense strove /strəʊv $ stroʊv/, past participle striven /ˈstrɪvən/) [intransitive] formal
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: estriver]
to make a great effort to achieve something
strive to do something
I was still striving to be successful.
strive for/after
We must continue to strive for greater efficiency.
—striving noun [uncountable and countable]

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ADV. hard, mightily He strove very hard to remain calm.
desperately desperately striving for some sort of dignity
earnestly | always, constantly, continually
PREP. after striving after artistic beauty
against man striving against the elements
for The school constantly strives for excellence in its teaching.
towards companies that strive towards bigger profits

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