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struggle /ˈstrʌɡəl/ verb [intransitive]
struggle noun [countable]

نبرد ، تلاش کردن ، مبارزه کردن ، ستیز ، کشاکش ، تقلا کردن ، کوشش کردن ، دست وپا کردن ، منازعه ، کشمکش ، تنازع ، قانون ـ فقه: مجاهدت ، بازرگانی: مبارزه ، علوم نظامی: با چنگ و دندان جنگ کردن
- strive, exert oneself, give it one's best shot (informal), go all out (informal), knock oneself out (informal), labour, make an all-out effort (informal), strain, toil, work
- fight, battle, compete, contend, grapple, wrestle
- effort, exertion, labour, pains, scramble, toil, work
- fight, battle, brush, clash, combat, conflict, contest, tussle
Antonyms: give up
Related Idioms: make a valiant attempt (or try)
Related Words: compete, vie
English Thesaurus: fight, battle, scuffle, punch-up, brawl, ...

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I. struggle1 W3 /ˈstrʌɡəl/ verb [intransitive]

1. to try extremely hard to achieve something, even though it is very difficult
struggle to do something
She’s struggling to bring up a family alone.
struggle with
The airline is struggling with high costs.
struggle for
Millions of people are struggling for survival.
struggle against
Firms are struggling against a prolonged recession.

a) to fight someone who is attacking you or holding you, especially so that you can escape
struggle with
James was hit in the mouth as he struggled with the burglars.
struggle to do something
She struggled to free herself.
b) if two people struggle, they fight each other for something, especially something one of them is holding
struggle for
They struggled for possession of the gun.

3. to move somewhere with great difficulty
struggle up/out of/into etc
Walkers were struggling up the dusty track.

4. to be likely to fail, even though you are trying very hard:
The team has been struggling all season.
a struggling artist/writer/business
struggle on phrasal verb
to continue doing something that you find very difficult or tiring:
He struggled on despite his condition.

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II. struggle2 S3 W3 noun [countable]

1. a long hard fight to get freedom, political rights etc
struggle for
a struggle for survival
a power struggle between forces favoring and opposing change

2. a long period of time in which you try to deal with a difficult problem
struggle with/against
She spoke of her struggles with shyness.

3. a fight between two people for something, or an attempt by one person to escape from the other:
Police said there were no signs of a struggle.

4. be a struggle (for somebody) if something is a struggle, you find it very difficult to do

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I. fight
ADJ. great, life-and-death, titanic | bitter, desperate, fierce, heroic, violent There were the sounds of a desperate struggle.
just The UN supported what it saw as the just struggle of an oppressed people.
unequal | armed The group supported the armed struggle against the dictator.
class, internecine Marx wrote about the class struggle.
economic, ideological, leadership, political, power, revolutionary
VERB + STRUGGLE begin, put up, take up If someone snatched your bag, would you put up a struggle? They took up the struggle against racism.
be engaged/locked in, carry on, wage species engaged in a life-or-death struggle with the ever-changing environment
STRUGGLE + VERB ensue, take place | continue, go on | intensify
PREP. in a/the ~ One of the security guards was hurt in the struggle.
without a ~ She won't give up without a struggle.
~ against the struggle against fascism
~ between the struggle between good and evil
~ for the long struggle for democracy
~ over a struggle over the property
~ with He was involved in a struggle with the police.
PHRASES a sign of a struggle The police said that there was no sign of a struggle by the murder victim.
years of struggle After 150 years of struggle against brutal colonial rule, the country won its independence.

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II. great effort
ADJ. desperate, great, hard, real, uphill It will be an uphill struggle to maintain exports at the current level.
long | ceaseless, constant, endless | unequal
VERB + STRUGGLE face, have We had a real struggle to get everything into the suitcase.
give up I've given up the unequal struggle to keep my house tidy.
PHRASES a bit of a struggle It was a bit of a struggle for me to get there so early.

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I. try very hard to do sth
ADV. desperately, hard, manfully, painfully, really, valiantly He struggled desperately to get to the shore. He struggled hard to keep the boat upright.
a little | constantly | on She struggled on despite the pain.
PREP. against The small boat struggled against the waves.
along, down, for Shona struggled for breath.
through The family struggled through the next few years.
up They struggled up the hill.
with I'm really struggling with this essay.
PHRASES struggle to your feet She struggled to her feet and set off after him.

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II. have great difficulties
ADV. badly The team struggled badly last season.
financially I was unemployed and struggling financially.

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III. fight sb/try to get away from them
ADV. fiercely, furiously, violently She struggled furiously but could not get away.
together Ben and Jack struggled together on the grass.
PREP. against struggling against her attacker
with He was hit in the mouth as he struggled with the raiders.
PHRASES struggle free The attacker's victim managed to struggle free.

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