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stumble /ˈstʌmbəl/ verb [intransitive]

لغزیدن ، سکندری خوردن ، سهو کردن ، تلوتلوخوردن ، لکنت داشتن ، اتفاقابرخوردن به
- trip, fall, falter, lurch, reel, slip, stagger
- with across, on
upon: discover, chance upon, come across, find
Antonyms: breeze
Related Idioms: come (or run) up against, fall upon, stub one's toe upon (or on)
Related Words: falter, waver, trip, fall, reel, stagger, totter, pitch, topple, careen, swing, hesitate, wobble, blunder, bumble, botch, bungle, muck
English Thesaurus: fall, trip on/over something, slip, stumble, collapse, ...

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stumble /ˈstʌmbəl/ verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]

1. to hit your foot against something or put your foot down awkwardly while you are walking or running, so that you almost fall Synonym : trip:
In her hurry, she stumbled and spilled the milk all over the floor.
stumble over/on
Vic stumbled over the step as he came in.

2. to walk in an unsteady way and often almost fall Synonym : stagger
stumble in/out/across etc
He stumbled upstairs and into bed.

3. to stop or make a mistake when you are reading to people or speaking
stumble over/at/through
I hope I don’t stumble over any of the long words.
—stumble noun [countable]

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ADV. almost, nearly | a little, slightly She stumbled a little on the uneven path.
blindly He stumbled blindly on through the dark building.
about, along, around, away, back, backwards, forward, on, out
PREP. against, along, down, from, into, out of, over, towards, etc. They stumbled over the ploughed field.
PHRASES stumble to your feet The train stopped, and several passengers stumbled to their feet.
PHRASAL VERBS stumble across/on/upon sth
ADV. accidentally, by chance, unwittingly I stumbled across the place quite by chance.

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