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sturdy /ˈstɜːdi $ ˈstɜːr-/ adjective (comparative sturdier, superlative sturdiest)

محکم ، ستبر ، تنومند ، قوی هیکل ، خوش بنیه ، درشت
- robust, athletic, brawny, hardy, lusty, muscular, powerful
- well-built, durable, solid, substantial, well-made
Antonyms: decrepit
Related Words: sound, substantial
English Thesaurus: strong, powerful, muscular, well-built, hunky, ...

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sturdy /ˈstɜːdi $ ˈstɜːr-/ adjective (comparative sturdier, superlative sturdiest)
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: estourdi 'stupidly brave, stunned', from estourdir 'to stun', from Vulgar Latin exturdire 'to behave like a thrush that has got drunk from eating grapes', from Latin turdus 'thrush']

1. an object that is sturdy is strong, well-made, and not easily broken ⇒ solid:
That chair doesn’t look very sturdy.
sturdy comfortable shoes

2. someone who is sturdy is strong, short, and healthy looking ⇒ stocky:
a sturdy young man
sturdy legs

3. determined and not easily persuaded to change your opinions:
They kept up a sturdy opposition to the plan.
—sturdily adverb
—sturdiness noun [uncountable]

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