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suave /swɑːv/ adjective

فهمیده وبا ادب ، نرم ، ملایم ، مودب ، خوش خوراک ، شیک
Synonyms: smooth, charming, courteous, debonair, polite, sophisticated, urbane
Antonyms: bluff
Contrasted words: clumsy, unpolished, unskilled, tactless, undiplomatic, untactful
Related Words: affable, cordial, genial, gracious, sociable, courteous, courtly, polite, diplomatic, politic, cultivated, cultured, distingué, polished, refined, well-bred, sophisticated, worldly, ingratiating, soft, soft-spoken, fulsome, slick, unctuous

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suave /swɑːv/ adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: 'pleasant, sweet', from Latin suavis]
someone who is suave is polite, confident, and relaxed, sometimes in an insincere way Synonym : smooth:
a suave and sophisticated gentleman
—suavely adverb
—suavity, suaveness noun [uncountable]

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