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summon /ˈsʌmən/ verb [transitive]

احضار کردن ، فراخوانی ، فراخواستن ، فراخواندن ، احضار قانونی کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: دعوت
- send for, bid, call, invite
- often with up: gather, draw on, muster
Related Idioms: bid come
Related Words: bid, command, enjoin, order, cite, subpoena

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summon /ˈsʌmən/ verb [transitive] formal
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: somondre, from Latin summonere 'to remind secretly', from sub- 'secretly' + monere 'to warn']

1. to order someone to come to a place:
Robert summoned the waiter for the bill.
summon somebody to something
The president summoned Taylor to Washington.
summon somebody to do something
He was summoned to attend an emergency meeting.

2. to officially order someone to come to a court of law:
Hugh was summoned to appear before the magistrate.

3. (also summon something up) to try very hard to have enough of something such as courage, energy, or strength, because you need it:
He had to summon the energy to finish the race.

4. summon a meeting/conference etc to arrange for a meeting to take place and order people to come to it Synonym : convene:
He summoned a meeting of business leaders.
summon up ↔ something phrasal verb

1. if something summons up a memory, thought, or image, it makes you remember it or think of it Synonym : conjure up:
The smell summoned up memories of family holidays by the sea.

2. to try very hard to have enough courage, energy, or strength, because you need it:
Ruth took a deep breath, summoned up her courage, and told him the truth.

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I. order a person to come to a place
ADV. duly | hastily, urgently | back
PREP. for She was duly summoned for an interview.
from He has been summoned from New York to give evidence at the trial.
to She was summoned back to his office.

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II. find sth that you need
ADV. barely, hardly He could hardly summon the strength to stand up.
VERB + SUMMON can/could | try to | manage to She managed to summon up a smile.

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