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sunlight /ˈsʌnlaɪt/ noun [uncountable]

تابش افتاب ، انعکاس نور خورشید ، نجوم: نور افتاب
Synonyms: sun, sunshine

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sunlight /ˈsʌnlaɪt/ noun [uncountable]
natural light that comes from the sun:
The water sparkled in the bright sunlight.
morning/afternoon/evening sunlight
The garden looked lovely in the evening sunlight.
Sunlight streamed (=came in large amounts) through the windows.
a shaft of sunlight (=beam of sunlight)

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ADJ. blinding, bright, brilliant, harsh, hot, intense, scorching, strong, warm He emerged from the tunnel into blinding sunlight.
direct, full plants that do not like direct sunlight
pale, weak, wintry | dappled, golden the dappled sunlight of the forest
reflected | afternoon, morning, evening | autumn, spring, etc.
QUANT. beam, ray, shaft | patch, pool
VERB + SUNLIGHT block out a dank backyard with a wall that blocked out the sunlight
gleam in, glint in, shimmer in, sparkle in The sea shimmered in the sunlight.
be exposed to Do not leave your skin exposed to sunlight for too long.
blink in, squint in They emerged from the cinema, blinking in the sunlight.
SUNLIGHT + VERB come, fall, filter, flood, penetrate, pierce, pour, shine, slant, stream Sunlight filtered dustily through the slats of the door. in dark thickets where sunlight could not penetrate She threw back the shutters and the sunlight streamed in.
dapple sth, gleam on/through sth, glimmer on sth, glint on sth, glitter on sth, reflect from/on sth, shimmer on sth, sparkle on sth Sunlight dapples the grass around us. the sunlight sparkling on the water
PREP. in the ~ waves sparkling in the sunlight
into the ~ We came out into bright sunlight again.

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the morning/afternoon/evening sunlight
Their armour glinted in the early morning sunlight.
bright sunlight
She shaded her eyes against the bright sunlight.
strong sunlight
Don't expose babies under six months to strong sunlight.
direct sunlight
This plant prefers to be kept out of direct sunlight.
dappled sunlight (=when sunlight comes through trees)
the dappled sunlight of the forest
the fading sunlight
We sat in the fading sunlight of the early evening.
sunlight streams/pours somewhere (=a lot comes in)
Mabel pulled back the curtains, and sunlight streamed in.
sunlight filters somewhere (=a little comes in)
The canopy of leaves allows some sunlight to filter through.
something shines/sparkles/glitters etc in the sunlight
His newly polished buttons glittered in the sunlight.
a shaft/ray/beam of sunlight
A shaft of sunlight illuminated the left side of his face.

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