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sunshine /ˈsʌnʃaɪn/ noun [uncountable]

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Synonyms: sun, sunlight
Synonyms: fair, clarion, clear, cloudless, fine, pleasant, rainless, sunny, sunshining, sunshiny

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sunshine /ˈsʌnʃaɪn/ noun [uncountable]

1. the light and heat that come from the sun when there is no cloud:
We had three days of spring sunshine.
afternoon/morning/evening sunshine
Couples strolled in the afternoon sunshine.

2. informal happiness:
She brought sunshine into our lives.
ray of sunshine (=a person or thing that makes you happy)
He was the only ray of sunshine in her life.

3. spoken informal used when speaking to someone you are annoyed with:
Look, sunshine, I’ve had just about enough of you!

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ADJ. blazing, bright, brilliant, dazzling | beautiful, glorious, pleasant two weeks of glorious sunshine
hot, sweltering, warm | hazy, mild, pale, watery, wintry | fitful It was a cool day with fitful sunshine.
afternoon, evening, morning | June, July, etc. | autumn, spring, etc. She sat on the wall, enjoying the spring sunshine.
VERB + SUNSHINE bask in, enjoy, soak up | be bathed in The town was bathed in spring sunshine.
gleam in, glow in, sparkle in
SUNSHINE + VERB beat down, flood, pour, slant, stream The sunshine came streaming in at the window.
PREP. in (the) ~ The race was run in bright sunshine.
into the ~ She followed us out into the sunshine.

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the spring/summer/autumn/winter sunshine
She was sitting in the garden, enjoying the spring sunshine.
the morning/afternoon/evening sunshine
The morning sunshine brightened the room.
bright/brilliant/blazing/dazzling sunshine
We stepped out of the plane into the bright sunshine of Corfu.
glorious sunshine (=enjoyable bright sunshine)
They woke to blue skies and glorious sunshine.
warm/hot sunshine
Don't spend too long in hot sunshine without a hat.
pale sunshine (=not strong or hot)
It was early spring, and pale sunshine shone on the fields.
hazy sunshine (=sunshine with air that is not clear because of mist etc)
Tomorrow morning it'll be dry with hazy sunshine.
a ray of sunshine
A ray of sunshine filtered through the dirty window.

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