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superb /sjuːˈpɜːb, suː- $ sʊˈpɜːrb/ adjective [no comparative]

عالی ، بسیار خوب ، باشکوه ، باوقار
Synonyms: splendid, excellent, exquisite, fine, first-rate, grand, magnificent, marvellous, superior, superlative, world-class
Antonyms: wretched
Contrasted words: inferior, mediocre, poor, substandard, atrocious, awful, dreadful, shocking, deplorable, dismal, lamentable, pitiful, woeful, abominable, execrable, outrageous, shameful
Related Idioms: very best
Related Words: noble, majestic, imposing, stately, opulent, glorious, gorgeous, marvelous, resplendent, crashing, rousing, sensational, slambang, super, superfine, wonderful, best, optimal, optimum, prime, sublime
English Thesaurus: excellent, great, fantastic/terrific/wonderful, amazing/incredible, superb, ...

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superb /sjuːˈpɜːb, suː- $ sʊˈpɜːrb/ adjective [no comparative]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: superbus 'proud, grand', from super; super-]
extremely good Synonym : excellent:
The food was superb.
superb weather
—superbly adverb

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VERBS be, look, sound She looked superb.
ADV. really | absolutely, quite, simply The cuisine is absolutely superb.

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