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supplant /səˈplɑːnt $ səˈplænt/ verb [transitive]

از ریشه کندن ، جای چیزی را گرفتن ، جابجا شدن ، جابجا کردن ، تعویض کردن
Synonyms: replace, displace, oust, supersede, take the place of
Related Idioms: give the bum's rush, give the old heave-ho, step into the shoes of
Related Words: crowd (out), force (out), bounce, cast (out), eject, expel, oust

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supplant /səˈplɑːnt $ səˈplænt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: supplanter, from Latin supplantare 'to defeat by causing to fall over with the foot', from planta 'bottom of the foot']
to take the place of a person or thing so that they are no longer used, no longer in a position of power etc Synonym : replace:
Barker was soon supplanted as party leader.

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