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swerve /swɜːv $ swɜːrv/ verb [intransitive]

منحرف شدن ، عدول کردن ، طفره زدن ، کج شدن ، منحرف کردن ، علوم مهندسی: منحرف کردن کج کردن
Synonyms: veer, bend, deflect, deviate, diverge, stray, swing, turn, turn aside
Related Idioms: deviate from the straight and narrow, get off the proper course (or path)
Related Words: shift, waver, err, stray, wander

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swerve /swɜːv $ swɜːrv/ verb [intransitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: sweorfan 'to wipe, put away']

1. to make a sudden sideways movement while moving forwards, usually in order to avoid hitting something
swerve violently/sharply
The car swerved sharply to avoid the dog.
swerve across/off/into etc
The bus swerved off the road.

2. [usually in negatives] formal to change from an idea, course of action, purpose etc
swerve from
He would never swerve from the truth.
—swerve noun [countable]

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ADJ. sudden The car made a sudden swerve to the left.

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ADV. sharply, violently | suddenly | away
PREP. across The car veered out of control and swerved across the road.
into A lorry suddenly swerved into her path.
off The vehicle swerved off the road.
PHRASES swerve to avoid sb/sth The car swerved sharply to avoid the bus.

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