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swill /swɪl/ verb

سرکشیدن ، زود خوردن ، خیس کردن ، اشغال
Synonyms: drink, booze, guzzle, lush (up), soak, swig, swizzle, tank up, tipple, tope, consume, polish off, punish, put away, put down, shift
Synonyms: refuse, debris, garbage, junk, litter, offal, rubbish, spilth, trash, waste, drink, draft, drag, drain, drench, peg, swig

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I. swill1 /swɪl/ verb
[Language: Old English; Origin: swillan]

1. [transitive] British English to wash something by pouring a lot of water over it or into it
swill something away/down/out
Get a bucket to swill the yard down.

2. [intransitive and transitive] if a liquid swills around or you swill it around, it moves around something
swill around/round
He swilled his brandy gently round his glass.

3. [transitive] (also swill down) informal to drink something in large amounts:
He does nothing but swill beer all day.

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II. swill2 noun

1. [uncountable] food for pigs, mostly made of unwanted bits of human food ⇒ pigswill

2. [countable] British English the act of washing something by pouring a lot of water over it

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