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tabloid /ˈtæblɔɪd/ (also ˌtabloid ˈnewspaper) noun [countable]

قرص ، خلاصه شده ، تلخیص شده ، چکیده ، روزنامه نیم قطع و مصور
Synonyms: sensational, livid, lurid, sensationalistic, sensationist, sultry
English Thesaurus: newspaper, paper, the press, the media, tabloid, ...

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tabloid /ˈtæblɔɪd/ (also ˌtabloid ˈnewspaper) noun [countable]
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: Tabloid a trademark for a medicinal tablet (19-20 centuries); because of the small size of the tablet]
a newspaper that has small pages, a lot of photographs, and stories mainly about sex, famous people etc rather than serious news ⇒ broadsheet
—tabloid adjective [only before noun]:
tabloid journalists

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ADJ. daily, Sunday | national | popular
TABLOID + NOUN journalism, newspaper, press He believes that the tabloid press has behaved disgracefully.
PREP. in a/the ~ I despair when I read what passes for news in some of the tabloids.

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