take away
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take   away  

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take away
Synonyms: remove, take off, take out, withdraw, deduct, discount, draw back, knock off, substract, subtract, take, decry, belittle, depreciate, derogate, detract (from), diminish, disparage, minimize, take (from), write off
Related Words: separate

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take somebody/something ↔ away phrasal verb (see also take)

1. to remove someone or something, or make something disappear:
She whisked the tray off the table and took it away.
He was taken away to begin a prison sentence.
This should take some of the pain away.

2. to take away British English if you buy food to take away, you buy cooked food from a restaurant and take it outside to eat it somewhere else ⇒ takeaway:
Fish and chips to take away, please.

3. take your breath away to be very beautiful, exciting, or surprising

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