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talking ppl adjective. ['tɔ:kɪŋ]
talking verbal noun. ['tɔ:kɪŋ]

سخنگو ، ناطق
talking ppl adjective. ['tɔ:kɪŋ] M16.
[formed as TALKING noun + -ING2.]
That talks; having the power of speech; expressive; loquacious.
talking book (orig. US) a recorded reading of a book, esp. for the blind. talking clock = speaking clock s.v. SPEAKING ppl adjective. talking drum in W. Africa, each of a set of drums of different pitch which are beaten to transmit words in a tonal language. talking film = TALKIE. talking head colloq. (usu. in pl.) a television presenter, interviewer, etc., shown in close-up talking directly to the camera. talking machine (chiefly US): designed to imitate or reproduce human speech. talking picture = talking film above.

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talking verbal noun. ['tɔ:kɪŋ] ME.
[from TALK verb + -ING1.]
The action of TALK verb. Also (now rare exc. in talking-to below), an instance of this.
G. Vidal Bob did most of the talking and Jim listened.

talking blues a (freq. humorous) blues song in which the lyrics are more or less spoken rather than sung; talking cure psychotherapy which relies on verbal interaction, esp. psychoanalysis; talking-point a topic suitable for or inviting discussion or argument; talking-shop derog. a centre for idle and unconstructive talk; spec. an institution regarded as a place of argument rather than action; talking-to a reprimand, a reproof.

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