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tally /ˈtæli/ noun (plural tallies) [countable]

محاسبه ، چوب خط زدن ، تطبیق کردن ، جای چوبخط ، برچسب ، اتیکت ، نظیر ، قرین ، علامت ، نشان ، تطبیق کردن ، مطابق بودن ، باچوبخط حساب کردن ، شمردن ، شمارش ، شمارشگر ، قانون ـ فقه: با چوب خط حساب کردن ، روانشناسی: خط نشان ، بازرگانی: حساب نگهداشتن ، ورزش: کسب یا ثبت امتیاز
- correspond, accord, agree, coincide, concur, conform, fit, harmonize, match, square
- record, count, mark, reckoning, running total, score, total
Contrasted words: conflict (with), differ (from), disagree (with)
Related Words: equal, match, balance, complement

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I. tally1 /ˈtæli/ noun (plural tallies) [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: talea, tallia, from Latin talea; tailor1]
a record of how much you have spent, won etc by a particular point in time:
The final tally was $465,000.
the two goals that took his tally for Scotland to 15
Keep a tally of (=write down) the number of cars that pass.

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II. tally2 verb (past tense and past participle tallied, present participle tallying, third person singular tallies)

1. [intransitive] (also tally up) if numbers or statements tally, they match exactly:
Some of the records held by the accounts departments did not tally.
tally with
The number of ballot papers did not tally with the number of voters.

2. [transitive] to calculate a total number

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