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tape /teɪp/ noun
tape verb

تایپت ، تپت ، نوار خط پایان ، بانوار بستن ، نوار ضبط صوت ، نوار چسب ، نوار زدن ، ضبط کردن ، علوم مهندسی: وسیله تبدیل حرکت دورانی به حرکت خطی ، کامپیوتر: نوار بستن ، عمران: نوارچسب ، ورزش: نوار پهن بالای تور ، علوم هوایی: نوار ، علوم نظامی: روی نوار ضبط کردن نواربرداری کردن
الکترونیک: نوار ، نوار بستن ، کامپیوتر: تایپت ، تپت ، وسیله تبدیل حرکت دورانی به حرکت خطی ، علوم مهندسی: نوار خط پایان ، نوار پهن بالای تور ، ورزشی: نوار ، هواپیمایی: نوار ، روی نوار ضبط کردن نواربرداری کردن ، علوم نظامی: نوار ، نوارچسب ، عمران: نوار، بانوار بستن ، نوار ضبط صوت ، نوار چسب ، نوار زدن ، ضبط کردن کامپیوتر: نوار

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- strip, band, ribbon
- record, tape-record, video
- bind, seal, secure, stick, wrap
English Thesaurus: fasten, attach, join, glue, tape, ...

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I. tape1 S3 W3 AC /teɪp/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: tæppe]

a) [uncountable] narrow plastic material covered with a special magnetic substance, on which you can record sounds, pictures, or computer information
on tape (=recorded on tape)
We’ve got the film on tape.
I hate hearing my voice on tape.
b) [countable] a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound on Synonym : cassette:
I’ll listen to the tape tomorrow.
William lent me some of his Beatles tapes.
tape of
We played a tape of African music and began dancing.
Bring me a blank tape and I’ll record it for you.
c) [countable] a special plastic box containing a length of tape that you can record sound and pictures on Synonym : videotape

2. STICKY MATERIAL [uncountable] a narrow length of plastic that is sticky on one side and is used to stick things together Synonym : Sellotape British English, Scotch tape American English:
a photo stuck to the wall with tape

3. THIN PIECE OF MATERIAL [uncountable and countable] a long thin piece of plastic or cloth used for purposes such as marking out an area of ground or tying things together:
Crime-scene tape marked out the position of the murdered man.

4. the tape a string stretched out across the finishing line in a race and broken by the winner

5. FOR MEASURING [countable] a tape measure
red tape

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II. tape2 AC verb

1. RECORD SOMETHING [intransitive and transitive] (also tape record) to record sound or pictures onto a tape:
Would you mind if I taped this conversation?
Quiet – the machine’s still taping.

2. STICK SOMETHING [transitive] to stick something onto something else using tape
tape something to something
There were two pictures taped to the side of the fridge.

3. FASTEN SOMETHING [transitive] (also tape up) to fasten a package, box etc with sticky tape

4. INJURY [transitive usually passive] (also tape up) especially American English to tie a bandage firmly around an injured part of someone’s body Synonym : strap British English:
His ankle had been taped.

5. have (got) something/somebody taped British English informal to understand someone or something completely and know how to deal with them:
You can’t fool Liz – she’s got you taped.

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I. magnetic material used for recording
ADJ. magnetic The data is stored on the magnetic tape.
audio, computer, video (also videotape) | recording
VERB + TAPE hold sth on, store sth on | capture sth on, get sth on Police are examining the incident, which was captured on tape.
TAPE + NOUN drive (= in a computer) | recording
PREP. on ~ I've got the whole concert on tape.

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II. cassette with magnetic tape on it
ADJ. cassette | audio, music, sound | video (also videotape) | demo, master | compilation a compilation tape featuring new Irish bands
blank | pre-recorded | bootleg, pirated The court heard that Ellis sold pirated tapes of Hollywood blockbusters.
VERB + TAPE make I made another tape to play in the car.
play (back), put on The police will be able to play back the videotape for clues.
listen to, watch | mime to The singer was miming to a pre-recorded tape.
fast-forward, pause, replay, rewind, start, stop, wind back, wind forward/on | erase, wipe Someone had deliberately erased the tapes.
TAPE + VERB contain sth, have sth The tape contained damning evidence. What does this tape have on it?
TAPE + NOUN deck, recorder | recording

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III. long narrow strip of fabric/paper
ADJ. adhesive, Scotch(R), sticky | insulating, masking | measuring | paper, plastic, steel | ticker | double-sided Fit the carpet using double-sided tape.
QUANT. piece, strip | roll
VERB + TAPE seal sth (up) with I sealed up the package with strong adhesive tape.
TAPE + NOUN measure Use a steel tape measure to measure the dimensions of the room.

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IV. piece of material stretched across a racetrack
ADJ. finishing
VERB + TAPE break her look of triumph as she broke the finishing tape

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ADV. firmly The wires are taped firmly together.
together, up The box was all taped up.
PREP. onto, to She had taped a note to the fridge door.

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See: friction tape , masking tape

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