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tasteful /ˈteɪstfəl/ adjective

با سلیقه (درست شده) ، خوش ذوق ، باذوق ، خوشمزه
Synonyms: refined, artistic, cultivated, cultured, discriminating, elegant, exquisite, in good taste, polished, stylish
Antonyms: savorless, tasteless
Related Words: rich

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tasteful /ˈteɪstfəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: taste, distaste, tastefulness, taster, tasting; adjective: tastefultasteless, distasteful, tasty; adverb: tastefully, distastefully; verb: taste]
made, decorated, or chosen with good taste:
tasteful furnishings
Do not confuse with tasty. Use tasty to describe food that tastes good: This food is really tasty.
—tastefully adverb:
tastefully decorated
—tastefulness noun [uncountable]

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VERBS be Most of the furniture was quite tasteful.
ADV. very | impeccably | quite

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BAD: The food was excellent and very tasteful.
GOOD: The food was excellent and very tasty.

Usage Note:
tasteful = chosen or produced by someone who is able to judge which kinds of art, music, furniture, etc, are attractive: 'The design of the room was very tasteful - pale colours, matching fabrics, and soft corner lighting.'
tasty = (of food) having a pleasant taste : 'These sausages are really tasty - where did you buy them?'

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