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taunt /tɔːnt $ tɒːnt/ verb [transitive]
taunt noun [countable often plural]

دست انداختن ومتلک گفتن ، سرزنش کردن ، شماتت کردن ، طعنه زدن ، طعنه
- tease, deride, insult, jeer, mock, provoke, ridicule, torment
- jeer, derision, dig, gibe, insult, provocation, ridicule, sarcasm, teasing
Related Words: banter, chaff, provoke, upbraid, disdain, scorn, affront, insult, offend, outrage
English Thesaurus: comment, remark, point, observation, aside, ...

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I. taunt1 /tɔːnt $ tɒːnt/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps from Old French tenter 'to try, tempt']
to try to make someone angry or upset by saying unkind things to them ⇒ tease
taunt somebody about something
The other children taunted him about his weight.
taunt somebody with something
They taunted him with the nickname ‘Fatso’.
‘And he’ll believe you, will he?’ Maria taunted.
—tauntingly adverb

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II. taunt2 noun [countable often plural]
a remark or joke intended to make someone angry or upset:
racist taunts

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ADJ. playground, racial/racist
VERB + TAUNT hurl, shout | endure, face, suffer He had to endure the racist taunts of the crowd.
TAUNT + VERB sting (sb into) Their taunts stung him into his best performance for the team yet.

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ADV. softly ‘Running away?’he taunted softly.
PREP. about Some of the girls taunted her about her weight.
with The other children taunted him with nicknames.

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