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tax /tæks/ noun

عوارض ، باج ، خراج ، تحمیل ، تقاضای سنگین ، ملامت ، تهمت ، سخت گیری ، مالیات بستن ، مالیات گرفتن از ، متهم کردن ، فشاراوردن بر ، قانون ـ فقه: مالیات گرفتن از ، بازرگانی: مالیات
مهندسی صنایع: مالیات ، خراج مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: مالیات کامپیوتر: مالیات

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- charge, duty, excise, levy, tariff, tithe, toll
- charge, assess, rate
- strain, burden, exhaust, load, stretch, test, try, weaken, weary
Related Idioms: press hard upon, tax the strength of, weigh heavy on (or upon)
Related Words: overtax, tithe, tribute, boodle, boondoggle, giveaway, pork barrel, difficulty, strain, demand, imposition
English Thesaurus: tax, duty, tariff, levy, surcharge, ...

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I. tax1 S1 W1 /tæks/ noun
[Word Family: noun: tax, taxation; adjective: taxable, taxing; verb: tax]
[uncountable and countable] an amount of money that you must pay to the government according to your income, property, goods etc and that is used to pay for public services
tax on
a tax on fuel
He already pays 40% tax on his income.
before/after tax
profits before tax of £85.9 m
capital gains tax, ⇒ corporation tax at corporation(1), ⇒ council tax, income tax, sales tax, stealth tax, VAT, PAYE

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II. tax2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: tax, taxation; adjective: taxable, taxing; verb: tax]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: taxer 'to make a judgment about, tax', from Latin taxare 'to feel, make a judgment about, blame', from tangere; tangible]

1. to charge a tax on something
tax something at 10%/a higher rate etc
They may be taxed at a higher rate.
tax somebody on something
The individual is taxed on the amount of dividend received.
Cigarettes are heavily taxed in Britain.

2. British English to pay the sum of money charged each year for using a vehicle on British roads ⇒ car tax, road tax

3. to make someone have to work hard or make an effort
tax sb’s patience/strength etc
The kids are really taxing my patience today.
It shouldn’t tax your brain too much.
tax somebody with something phrasal verb formal
to complain to someone they have done something wrong

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ADJ. high, low | direct, indirect | basic, basic-rate, higher-rate | progressive, redistributive | regressive A regressive tax, like the poll tax, takes proportionately more of a poor person's income.
windfall The privatized utility companies may be faced with a windfall tax on the profits of the last few years.
back (informal) The tax office demanded £80,000 in back taxes.
council, poll | capital, capital gains, income, inheritance, land, profits, property, savings, wealth | consumption, purchase, sales, value added (= VAT) | capital transfer, investment | company, corporation | car, road, vehicle It's time to renew your car tax.
carbon, energy, fuel, petrol | excise, import
VERB + TAX pay | impose, introduce, levy, put Direct taxes could only be levied with the consent of Parliament. The government may put an indirect tax on books.
collect the government department responsible for collecting taxes
deduct Your employer will deduct the tax for you.
increase, put up, raise | cut, lower, reduce | abolish | overpay | reclaim | offset sth against, set/write sth off against Claims for expenses can be set off against tax.
avoid, escape | evade She was charged with conspiracy to evade taxes.
TAX + VERB go up, increase, rise Taxes look set to rise again.
come/go down, fall | be chargeable, be payable the amount on which capital gains tax is payable
TAX + NOUN payer (also taxpayer) a higher-rate tax payer
authority/authorities, office, man (also taxman) (informal) She owes the taxman £10,000.
law, legislation, measures, policy, reform, structure, system | period, year The tax year begins in April.
cut, increase | band, bracket, rate, threshold Her salary puts her in the highest tax band.
revenue, yield | assessment, form, return You have to fill in your tax return by tomorrow.
advantage, allowance, benefit, break, concession, credit, exemption, incentive, perks, rebate, refund, relief There are tax advantages to working freelance. You will only receive tax relief on the first £30,000.
affairs, arrangements His tax affairs are under investigation by the police.
avoidance | loophole Her accountant was good at exploiting tax loopholes.
dodge, evasion, fraud He gave the Porsche to his mother as a tax dodge.
dodger | exile She is living as a tax exile in Monaco.
haven The island is a popular tax haven for the very rich.
collector, consultant, inspector | bill, charge, invoice, payment | arrears He was ordered to pay $2 million in tax arrears.
liability an increase in tax liability on company cars
burden putting a new tax burden on the middle classes
base By broadening the tax base (= making more people pay tax) the chancellor could raise more revenues.
PREP. after/before ~ Profits after tax were £262,000.
in ~ Collectively, smokers pay over £15,000 a day in tax.
~ on introducing a 60% tax on alcohol
PHRASES for tax purposes the rules for deciding on someone's residence status for UK tax purposes
(the basic/higher) rate of tax an increase in the basic rate of tax

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ADV. heavily Many self-employed people are heavily taxed. goods which are most heavily taxed
PREP. according to Drinks would be taxed according to their alcoholic strength.
at Many goods were taxed at 17.5%.
on You will be taxed on all your income.

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pay tax
Many people feel they are paying too much tax.
raise/increase taxes (also put up taxes British English)
He claimed the Labour Party would put up taxes.
lower/cut/reduce taxes
There’s no point promising to cut taxes if you can’t afford it.
Higher taxes will slow down consumer spending.
Republican voters say they want lower taxes and sensible spending cuts.
income tax (=tax paid on money that you earn)
The rich should pay more income tax.
sales tax (=a tax on things you buy)
We have to pay 15% sales tax on everything we buy.
inheritance tax (=tax paid on money, property etc that you receive from someone when they die)
Inheritance tax applies to the total value of the deceased’s assets.
a direct tax (=a tax on income)
The government’s revenue comes mainly from direct taxes.
an indirect tax (=a tax on things you buy)
The effect of indirect taxes is to raise the prices of goods.
a flat (rate) tax (=a tax that is the same for different people or things)
Corporate taxes are to be abolished and replaced by a flat rate tax.
the tax rate/the rate of tax
The government reduced the basic rate of tax to 25p in the pound.
tax cuts
He believes that big tax cuts will encourage economic growth.
tax increases
He accused the president of planning the biggest tax increases in U.S. history.
tax incentives (=lower taxes that encourage people to do something)
We have introduced new tax incentives for savings.
a tax allowance (=an amount you can earn without paying tax on it)
Cutting personal tax allowances penalizes the poor.
the tax burden (=the amount of tax paid)
The total tax burden has risen only slightly.

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