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tend /tend/ verb

نگهداری کردن از ، وجه کردن ، پرستاری کردن ، مواظب بودن ، متمایل بودن به ، گرایش داشتن ، گراییدن ، میل کردن

: tend 1

(وسایل چیزی را) فراهم کردن ، کمک کردن ، کشیده شدن ، منجر شدن ، مایل بودن

: tend 2

نگهداری کردن از ، توجه کردن ، پرستاری کردن ، مواظب بودن ، مواظبت کردن از
- be inclined, be apt, be liable, gravitate, have a tendency, incline, lean
- go, aim, bear, head, lead, make for, point
take care of, attend, cultivate, keep, look after, maintain, manage, nurture, watch over
Contrasted words: disregard, ignore, neglect
Related Idioms: look after, see after, see to, take care of, take under one's wing, be disposed
Related Words: cherish, cultivate, foster, minister, nurse, nurture, serve, defend, guard, protect, safeguard, shield, supervise

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tend S1 W1 /tend/ verb
[Sense 1, 3, 5: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: tendre 'to stretch', from Latin tendere]
[Sense 2, 4: Date: 1100-1200; Origin: attend]

1. tend to do something if something tends to happen, it happens often and is likely to happen again:
People tend to need less sleep as they get older.
My car tends to overheat in the summer.

2. (also tend to somebody/something) [transitive] old-fashioned to look after someone or something:
Sofia was in the bedroom tending to her son.

3. tend towards something to have one particular quality or feature more than others:
Charles tends towards obesity.

4. tend bar especially American English to work as a bartender

5. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] formal to move or develop in a particular direction
tend upwards/downwards
Interest rates are tending upwards.

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ADV. carefully, lovingly She lovingly tended her little garden.
PREP. to He tended to her every need.
PHRASES well-tended well-tended lawns

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