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terrorist /ˈterərəst, ˈterərɪst/ noun [countable]

تروریست ، (terroristic) ارعابگر ، طرفدار ارعاب وتهدید ، قانون ـ فقه: ادمکش سیاسی
terrorist W3 /ˈterərəst, ˈterərɪst/ noun [countable]
someone who uses violence such as bombing, shooting etc to obtain political demands:
We refuse to talk to terrorists.
terrorist attack/activity/offence
Twenty people were killed in the latest terrorist attack.
terrorist group/organization
A terrorist bomb that left 168 people dead.

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ADJ. suspected | armed | international The bomb attacks have been attributed to a group of international terrorists.
republican, right-wing, separatist, etc.
TERRORIST + NOUN band, faction, gang, group, organization, unit | act, action, activity, atrocity, attack, bomb, bombing, campaign, explosion, incident, murder, violence an increase in terrorist activity
threat | target Aircraft remain likely terrorist targets.
victim | charge, crime, offence | suspect

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an international terrorist
The kidnap was carried out by a group of international terrorists.
a suspected terrorist
Coalition forces killed at least 20 suspected terrorists.
an armed terrorist
They were gunned down by armed terrorists outside their hotel.
a terrorist group/organization
No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.
a terrorist attack/bombing/act
More than 50 people were injured in the terrorist attack.
terrorist activity
The Foreign Office has issued a warning to tourists about terrorist activity in the country.
terrorist violence
Al-Qaeda began waging a campaign of terrorist violence against the West.
the terrorist threat
He admitted the increased terrorist threat was causing the security forces great concern.
a terrorist cell (=a small secret group of terrorists)
Detectives believe that one individual, rather than a terrorist cell, is responsible for the bombing.

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