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tide /taɪd/ noun

جذر و مد ، جریان ، عید ، کشند داشتن ، جزر ومد ایجاد کردن ، اتفاق افتادن ، کشند ، عمران: جزر و مد ، معماری: جزر و مد ، زیست شناسی: جزر و مد ، علوم نظامی: کشند اب ، علوم دریایی: کشند اب
- current, ebb, flow, stream, tideway, undertow
- tendency, direction, drift, movement, trend
English Thesaurus: the sea, the ocean, waters, bay, gulf, ...

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Tide trademark
a type of detergent for washing clothes, sold especially in the US

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I. tide1 /taɪd/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: tid 'time']

1. the tide the regular rising and falling of the level of the sea
the tide is in/out (=the sea is at a low/high level)
Is the tide going out or coming in?
We went for a walk and got cut off by the tide.high tide(1), low tide

2. [countable] a current of water caused by the tide:
Strong tides make swimming dangerous.

3. [countable, usually singular] the way in which events or people’s opinions are developing
tide of
With the tide of public opinion against him, the president may lose.
It was their first major victory. The tide had turned (=changed).
The tide of battle turned against the Mexican army.
swim with/against the tide (=support or oppose what most people think)

4. [countable, usually singular] a large amount of something that is increasing and is difficult to control
tide of violence/crime etc
The crisis prompted a rising tide of protest.
She swallowed back a tide of emotion.
efforts to stem the tide of hysteria caused by the shootings (=prevent it from getting worse)

5. [singular] a large number of people or things moving along together
tide of
the tide of refugees flowing over the border

6. Christmastide/eveningtide/morningtide etc old use a particular time of the year or day

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II. tide2 verb
tide somebody over (something) phrasal verb
to help someone through a difficult period, especially by lending them money:
Could you lend me £10 to tide me over till next week?

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I. change in the level of the sea
ADJ. big, strong | flood, incoming, rising | ebb, outgoing | full, high | low | neap, spring
VERB + TIDE catch (= to take advantage of a favourable tide) We have to get up early to catch the tide.
TIDE + VERB be in | be out | come/flow in, rise | ebb, fall, flow/go out, retreat | be on the turn, turn | occur the time of day when the highest tides occur
wash sb/sth up The body was washed up by the tide the next day.
PREP. at … ~ Seals lie on the rocks at low tide.
on a/the ~ We went out to sea on the ebb tide.
PHRASES the ebb and flow of the tide

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II. strong movement in favour of/against sth
ADJ. growing, rising the rising tide of crime
shifting | political He hasn't the courage to swim against the political tide.
VERB + TIDE go with | go/swim against | stem, turn (back) attempts to stem the tide of revolution
TIDE + VERB run Seeing the tide was now running in his direction, he renewed his campaign for reform.
carry sb/sth along | turn The tide of public opinion seems to be turning at last.
PREP. against a/the ~ It takes courage to speak out against the tide of public opinion.
on a ~ They were carried along on a tide of euphoria.
~ against, ~ in favour of Civil liberties groups helped to turn the tide against industrial violence.
PHRASES a tide of history the shifting tides of history
the turn of the tide In the early 1990s there was a marked turn of the tide.

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the tide is in (=the sea covers the shore)
You can’t walk on the beach when the tide is in.
the tide is out
Let’s go for a walk along the beach while the tide is out.
high tide
At high tide the island is completely cut off.
low tide
The sands are exposed at low tide.
the incoming tide
The box was carried upstream on the incoming tide.
the rising tide
The rising tide had begun to fill up the channel.
an ebb tide (=the flow of the sea away from the shore)
We sailed out to sea on the ebb tide.
a flood tide (=the flow of the sea towards the land)
The wind drove the yacht inland on the flood tide.
a spring tide (=a large rise and fall in the level of the sea, that happens when there is a new moon and when there is a full moon)
It must be a spring tide.
a neap tide (=a very small rise and fall in the level of the sea, that happens at the first and third quarters of the moon)
Spring tides alternate with neap tides.
the tide comes in (=the sea comes nearer)
Once the tide comes in, the cove is cut off.
the tide goes out
They sat on the beach watching the tide going out.
the tide turns (=starts coming in or going out)
Soon, the tide would turn and the waves would begin to creep inshore again.
be cut off by the tide (=become trapped as the sea rises)
Two anglers had to be rescued after getting cut off by the tide.

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