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tidy /ˈtaɪdi/ adjective (comparative tidier, superlative tidiest)

بطورمنظم ، پاکیزه ، منظم کردن ، اراستن ، مرتب کردن
- neat, clean, methodical, orderly, shipshape, spruce, well-kept, well-ordered
- considerable, ample, generous, goodly, handsome, healthy, large, sizable or sizeable, substantial
- neaten, clean, groom, order, spruce up, straighten
Antonyms: untidy
Related Words: sleek, spruce
English Thesaurus: tidy, neat, immaculate, well-kept, orderly, ...

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I. tidy1 S3 /ˈtaɪdi/ adjective (comparative tidier, superlative tidiest) especially British English
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: tidy 'at an appropriate time' (13-18 centuries), from tide]

1. a room, house, desk etc that is tidy is neatly arranged with everything in the right place Synonym : neat Antonym : untidy, messy:
a tidy desk
I try to keep the garden tidy.
Ellen’s room is always neat and tidy.

2. someone who is tidy keeps their house, clothes etc neat and clean:
Chris is a naturally tidy person.

3. a tidy sum/profit informal a large amount of money:
We sold the house for a tidy sum and moved south.

4. a tidy mind British English if someone has a tidy mind, the way they think is very organized and clear
—tidily adverb
—tidiness noun [uncountable]

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II. tidy2 (also tidy up) verb (past tense and past participle tidied, present participle tidying, third person singular tidies) [intransitive and transitive]
to make a place look tidy:
Tidy your room!
It’s time we tidied up the office.
tidy up after somebody
I’m tired of tidying up after you boys (=tidying somewhere that someone else has made untidy).
tidy something ↔ away phrasal verb
British English to put something back in the place where it should be, especially in a cupboard, drawer etc:
Let’s tidy these toys away.

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III. tidy3 noun (plural tidies) [countable] British English
desk/car/sink tidy a container for putting small objects in, used to keep your desk, car etc tidy

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VERBS be, look, seem | stay Why does nothing ever stay tidy around here?
get sth, make sth | keep sth I hope you're going to keep your room tidy.
ADV. extremely, very | immaculately, scrupulously It was a neatly furnished and immaculately tidy room.
fairly, quite The sitting room is fairly tidy.
PHRASES clean/neat and tidy

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