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totalitarian /təʊˌtæləˈteəriən, təʊˌtælɪˈteəriən $ toʊˌtæləˈter-/ adjective

وابسته بحکومت یکه تازی ، دارای حکومت مطلقه ودیکتاتوری
Synonyms: dictatorial, authoritarian, despotic, oppressive, tyrannous, undemocratic
Contrasted words: democratic, popular, constitutional
English Thesaurus: government, administration, regime, the executive, democracy, ...

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totalitarian /təʊˌtæləˈteəriən, təʊˌtælɪˈteəriən $ toʊˌtæləˈter-/ adjective
[Date: 1900-2000; Origin: total + -itarian (as in authoritarian)]
based on a political system in which ordinary people have no power and are completely controlled by the government
a totalitarian state/regime
—totalitarianism noun [uncountable]

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