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trail /treɪl/ verb

پشت سر یکدیگر قرار گرفتن ، هدف را تعقیب کنید ، بدنبال کشیدن ، بدنبال حرکت کردن ، طفیلی بودن ، دنباله دار بودن ، دنباله داشتن ، اثر پا باقی گذاردن ، پیشقدم ، پیشرو ، دنباله ، زیست شناسی: راهک ، ورزش: مسیر اسکی ، علوم هوایی: هدف را در سمت ... تعقیب کنید ، علوم نظامی: هدف را در سمت ... تعقیب کنید
- path, footpath, road, route, track, way
- tracks, footprints, marks, path, scent, spoor, trace, wake
- drag, dangle, draw, haul, pull, tow
- lag, dawdle, follow, hang back, linger, loiter, straggle, traipse (informal)
- follow, chase, hunt, pursue, shadow, stalk, tail (informal), trace, track
Related Idioms: follow a scent
Related Words: plod, trudge, falter, flag, halt, nose (out), sniff (out), footpath, footwalk, footway

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I. trail1 /treɪl/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: trailler 'to pull after you, tow', from Vulgar Latin tragulare, from Latin tragula 'sledge, net for pulling']

1. PULL [intransitive and transitive] to pull something behind you, especially along the ground, or to be pulled in this way:
A plane trailing a banner was circling overhead.
trail in/on/over etc
She walked slowly along the path, her skirt trailing in the mud.
trail something in/across/through etc something
Rees was leaning out of the boat trailing his hand through the water.

2. WALK SLOWLY [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to walk slowly, especially behind other people because you are tired or bored
trail behind/around
Susie trailed along behind her parents.
We spent the afternoon trailing around the shops.

3. LOSE A COMPETITION [intransitive, transitive usually in progressive] to be losing in a game, competition, or election:
The Democratic candidate is still trailing in the opinion polls.
trail (somebody) by something
Manchester United were trailing by two goals to one.
trail in/home (=finish in a bad position)
He trailed in last after a disastrous race.

4. FOLLOW SOMEBODY [transitive] to follow someone by looking for signs that they have gone in a particular direction:
Police trailed the gang for several days.
trail away/off phrasal verb
if someone’s voice trails away or trails off, it becomes gradually quieter and then stops:
She trailed off, silenced by the look Kris gave her.

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II. trail2 noun [countable]

1. a rough path across countryside or through a forest:
The trail led over Boulder Pass before descending to a lake.nature trail

2. a long line or a series of marks that have been left by someone or something
trail of
a trail of wet footprints
The bus left a trail of black smoke behind it.
The typhoon left a trail of devastation.

3. a series of unpleasant situations or feelings that have been left by someone or something
trail of
He left a trail of broken hearts and broken promises.

4. a sign that a person or animal has been in a place, used for finding or catching them:
The hunters lost the tiger’s trail in the middle of the jungle.
Police tracked him to Valencia and there the trail went cold (=they could not find any signs of him).

5. be on the trail of somebody/something to be trying to find someone or something by getting information about them:
industrial spies on the trail of technological secrets
Police believe they are hot on the trail of a drug-smuggling gang (=they are close to finding them).

6. all the places that a particular group of people visit for a particular purpose:
a town on the tourist trail
campaign/election trail
politicians on the campaign trail

7. the set of things that someone does to achieve something:
New players should put the team back on the winning trail.
blaze a trail at blaze2(5), ⇒ hit the trail/road at hit1(17)

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I. line/smell that sb/sth leaves behind
ADJ. scent Ants follow a scent trail laid down previously.
blood, smoke, vapour | thin | muddy | false
VERB + TRAIL lay, leave, make The couple laid a false trail to escape the paparazzi. The tourists left a trail of litter behind them.
pick up The dog had picked up the trail of a rabbit.
follow | lose The fox had crossed a stream, and the hounds lost the trail.
TRAIL + VERB go cold They had to find the kidnappers before the trail went cold.
PREP. on sb's ~ Detectives had found several new clues and were back on the murderer's trail.
PHRASES a trail of blood, a trail of devastation The hurricane passed, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.
a trail of smoke

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II. path/route
ADJ. forest, nature, woodland | 10-kilometre, 5-mile, etc. | cycle, mountain bike, tourist, walking | hippy, tourist This restaurant is off the tourist trail.
campaign, comeback, winning (all figurative) After a disastrous few seasons, the team are on the comeback trail.
VERB + TRAIL follow, hit In 1967 she hit the hippy trail to India.
be on (often figurative)
TRAIL + VERB go, lead, wend its way The trail wends its way through leafy woodland and sunny meadows.
PREP. along a/the ~

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I. move/walk slowly
ADV. slowly | wearily
PREP. after I trailed wearily after the others.
around/round They spent their lives trailing around the country.
(along) behind

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II. have a lower score than the other player/team
ADV. badly Liverpool are now trailing badly in the league.
PREP. by They were trailing by 12 points until the last few minutes of the game.

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See: blaze a trail , on the track of or on the trail of

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