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trial /ˈtraɪəl/ noun

امتحان کردن ، ازمایش کردن ، ازمایشی ، کوشش (در ازمایش) ، محاکمه ، دادرسی ، ازمایش ، امتحان ، رنج ، کوشش ، سعی ، قانون ـ فقه: محاکمه ، دادرسی ، روانشناسی: محاکمه ، بازرگانی: محاکمه ، ورزش: مسابقه مهارت موتورسوار در مسیر با مانع سه حرکت مجاز در پرشهاو پرتابها در هر دور ، علوم نظامی: محاکمه محاکمه کردن
کامپیوتر: آزمایشی

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- hearing, litigation, tribunal
- test, audition, dry run (informal), experiment, probation, test-run
- hardship, adversity, affliction, distress, ordeal, suffering, tribulation, trouble
Related Idioms: crown of thorns, fiery ordeal, trial and tribulation
Related Words: agony, distress, misery, suffering, anguish, grief, heartbreak, sorrow, woe, adversity, misfortune, difficulty, hardship, rigor, vicissitude, complication, annoyance, ordeal

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I. trial1 S3 W2 /ˈtraɪəl/ noun
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Anglo-French; Origin: trier; try1]

1. COURT [uncountable and countable] a legal process in which a judge and often a jury in a court of law examine information to decide whether someone is guilty of a crime ⇒ try:
The trial is due to start next week.
on trial (for something)
Brady was on trial for trial

2. TEST [uncountable and countable] a process of testing to find out whether something works effectively and is safe:
a new drug that is undergoing clinical trials

3. TRY SOMEBODY/SOMETHING [uncountable and countable] a short period during which you use or do something or employ someone to find out whether they are satisfactory for a particular purpose or job ⇒ try
on trial
They let me have the computer on trial for thirty days.
The security system will be reviewed after a three-month trial period.
Smith was hired on a six-month trial basis.
trial separation (=a period of time in which a husband and wife do not live together, to find out whether they want to stay married)

4. by/through trial and error if you do something by trial and error, you test many different methods of doing something in order to find the best:
I learned most of what I know about gardening through trial and error.

5. DIFFICULTY [countable usually plural] something that is difficult to deal with, and that is worrying or annoying ⇒ trying:
the daily trials of living in a poor country
be a trial (to/for somebody)
My brothers and I were always a real trial to my parents.
the trials and tribulations of running a business

6. SPORTS trials [plural] British English a special sports competition in which people who want to be on a team are tested, so that the best can be chosen Synonym : tryout American English
horse/sheepdog trials (=a sporting competition in which horses or dogs compete)

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II. trial2 verb (past tense and past participle trialled, present participle trialling) [transitive] British English
to thoroughly test something to see if it works correctly or is effective Synonym : try out:
These techniques were trialled by teachers in 300 schools.

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I. in a court of law
ADJ. fair The men claim they did not receive a fair trial.
unfair | full | criminal | fraud, murder, rape | jury | crown court, high court, supreme court | civil | public | show A series of show trials of former senior officials of the ousted regime took place.
summary The rebels were brutally executed after summary trials.
controversial, notorious, sensational
VERB + TRIAL come to, face, go on, go to, stand He never came to trial for the robbery. She died before the case came to trial. A man has gone on trial accused of murdering his girlfriend.
bring sb to, commit sb for, put sb on Four people had been arrested and committed for trial.
await He is in prison awaiting trial on drugs charges.
attend As a journalist he attended every murder trial of note.
order The judge ordered a new trial on the grounds that evidence had been withheld.
adjourn | halt, stop The judge halted the trial when it emerged witnesses had been threatened.
tell (in a news report) Murder trial told of horrific attack.
TRIAL + VERB proceed, take place | begin, open | continue, resume | collapse The trial collapsed after a key prosecution witness admitted lying.
TRIAL + NOUN court, judge, jury, lawyer | verdict | procedure, proceedings, process
PREP. at the ~ More than a hundred witnesses gave evidence at the trial.
during the ~ The letters that were shown during his trial turned out to be forgeries.
on ~ She is presently on trial at the Old Bailey.
without ~ Opposition leaders had been jailed without trial.
~ by The president faces trial by television tonight when he takes part in a live debate.
~ for She faces trial for murder.
~ over Three people are to stand trial over the deaths of a young couple.

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II. act of testing sb/sth
ADJ. clinical, experimental, field If clinical trials are successful the drug could be on the market early next year.
full-scale, large-scale | controlled, double-blind, randomized | free, home We've got this vacuum cleaner on ten days' free trial.
speed | Olympic, rowing, soccer, etc.
VERB + TRIAL carry out, conduct | take part in | have He had a trial with Chelsea when he was young.
TRIAL + VERB show sth The trial showed a dramatic reduction in side effects.
TRIAL + NOUN period She agreed to employ me for a trial period.
run They are treating the trip as a trial run for their 500-mile sponsored ride later this month.
data, results | project, scheme | game | separation The couple agreed on a trial separation.
PREP. under ~ A new stocktaking system is currently under trial at the supermarket.
PHRASES on a trial basis The new system will be introduced on a trial basis.
trial and error We discovered the ideal mix of paint by trial and error.
a trial of strength The dispute was regarded as a trial of strength by the unions.

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III. experience/person that causes difficulties
ADJ. sore She was a sore trial to her family at times.
PREP. ~ to
PHRASES trials and tribulations the trials and tribulations of married life

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be on trial (=be being judged in a court of law)
Her son is on trial charged with murder.
stand/face trial (=be judged in a court of law)
Doctors said he was unfit to stand trial.
go on trial
Taylor went on trial accused of fraud.
be awaiting/facing trial
Its managing director is awaiting trial on corruption charges.
put somebody on trial
They should never have been put on trial, let alone convicted.
bring somebody to trial
The people who were responsible for this crime must be brought to trial.
be sent for trial (also be committed for trial British English)
Smith's lawyer battled to stop him being sent for trial in Britain.
a trial is held
We believe the trial will be held sometime next month.
a trial opens (=officially begins)
The trial opened 5 weeks ago.
a trial is adjourned (=it is officially stopped for several days, weeks, or months)
The trial was adjourned until November.
a murder/fraud etc trial
She was a witness in a murder trial.
a fair trial
He is entitled to a fair trial.
a criminal trial (=for cases involving a crime )
In a criminal trial, guilt has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.
a civil trial (=for cases dealing with the private affairs of citizens, rather than cases involving a crime)
In civil trials, the jury's decision need not be unanimous.
a case goes/comes to trial
If the case ever went to trial, he would probably lose.
the trial judge
The trial judge acquitted the accused on the charge of assault.
the trial lawyer
He is regarded as one of the finest trial lawyers in the state.
the trial court
The evidence will be fully tested in the trial court.
a trial date
No trial date has been set because of procedural delays.
the trial verdict
His lawyers have said they will appeal the civil trial verdict.

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See: on trial

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