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tricky /ˈtrɪki/ adjective (comparative trickier, superlative trickiest)

نیرنگ امیز ، خدعه امیز ، مهارت امیز ، نیرنگ باز
- difficult, complicated, delicate, knotty, problematic, risky, thorny, ticklish
- crafty, artful, cunning, deceitful, devious, scheming, slippery, sly, wily
Related Words: deceptive, delusive, delusory, misleading, deceitful, dishonest, catchy, difficult, trappy, quirky
English Thesaurus: difficult, hard, tough, tricky, awkward, ...

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tricky S3 /ˈtrɪki/ adjective (comparative trickier, superlative trickiest)
[Word Family: noun: trick, trickery, trickster; adjective: tricky, trick; verb: trick]

1. something that is difficult to deal with or do because it is complicated and full of problems:
I can get you tickets for the show but it’ll be tricky.

2. a tricky person is clever and likely to deceive you Synonym : crafty

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